Westboro Baptist Church

I know you would like to believe that her testimony is parallel to mine and that you are the world she was taught was wrong. That’s not the case at all.

I don’t see a point in discussing religion with people that have been saved only to reject the free gift they asked for.

Also, I learned years ago that personal questions would be met with silence. You can’t talk about Jesus without getting personal.
I’ll take a page from other BBad members and tell you, I don’t care. There’s nothing to care about here. I believe my view of the world has evolved. I do believe I’ve learned to look at the world, to some degree, the way men do and I accept hopelessness as a part of life that can’t be changed.

And here’s to hoping your weekend was met with plenty of rest. Because a world without Christ has no meaning.

I’m like Reg. Saying I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t literally care about everyone here. I just don’t care to fight it anymore. It’s pointless when salvation has no path. Everyone here who has been saved and baptized cannot be re-saved. I’m not saying you can’t go to Heaven. I’m just saying I can’t lead you there since you’ve already been there and turned away. If you have no fear of God, who can destroy both body and soul, nothing I can say would make any difference. That won’t keep me from fervently praying for people I care so much about because I do love and care what happens to you.

Michele, this was not posted as an attack on you. I found her story interesting and posted it. I truly wasn’t thinking about you in particular at all.

I didn’t take it as an attack, Reg.

I took it as you searching for an avenue to discuss religion.

It was honestly just a case of finding her personally interesting. She is soft spoken, elegant, clearly educated and very polite, and yet she spent the majority of her life in one of the most vitriolic organizations I have ever heard of.

It was interesting and she did nail it about how these discussions always devolve into anger but it’s always anger by the Christians. You have to wonder why that is.

all kids can be indoctrinated into believing anything… its even easier to brainwash adults that they should do anything for power, money, sex or divine salvation

hate is a disease, your brain and humanity can be your cure
its never too late; you can decide who you are with every (non)action you take and become you

Life is not an indoctrination, Stupid. You were born with it.

i strongly disagree and wonder if your answer was inspired by the teachings of your jesus…

Probably. I’ve always known I have Life in me.

lol nice…but have to disagree again; calling someone stupid has not much to do with life

Anyone who would deny they have life in them is stupid. Sorry, Stupid.

obviously iam here and thus have life inside me lol why do you think i would deny that?

If life is in you, where is it? Where does life dwell? That’s two question. Must don’t answer one. You seem to be different. I’m going to assume you’ve never been baptized.

ah i see… to me life is just a label, an indication that iam still breathing
asking where life dwells to me is the same as asking where peanutbutter dwells… inside its container
no i have never been baptized and i choose not to call people stupid either

Oh, you prefer to make people feel stupid as opposed to calling people stupid?

why would i want to do that?

How is it then that you know you have life but don’t believe you have a soul? You can see neither but you are willing to believe in one over the other, even tho one dwells in the other.