We're Back!

I migrated BBAD to a new server on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I had hoped to wait until 24.04 LTS was out, but that didn’t happen. All the errors are now gone.

This new BBAD is going to take me a month to configure. No news yet. No POM yet. Give me a bit of time.

VERY IMPORTANT: This new BBAD doesn’t work well with the old way we used to post. We used to find a topic that matched what we were doing and just posted inside that. This new BBAD much prefers it if you just make a new topic for every post. Replies are just comments on that one post. It will nicely show your new post on the main page if you do that.

Life is good again. I’ve still got big ideas. I’m still planning to do the change to a main BBAD site which has three big icons on it. Mastodon, Discourse and Chat. There’s no rush now that the problems have been solved.

bbadwebsitelogo is back

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Ok so just ignore this totally. lol. I found it too Twitterish and reverted. lol.

Also, the sidebar on the left collapses. Just click the hamburger menu at the top and it will go away.

Thank You!

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excellent choice :wink: