My friend Wendy works for an Aboriginal agency. One of the Elders posted this for her

In a land of sun and sand so fine,
Where the aboriginal community shines,
There lived a woman with a heart so kind,
Wendy, a nurse, with love entwined.

With every step, she brought a smile,
To those in need, even from a mile,
A beacon of hope amidst life’s trials,
Aching hearts, she helped reconcile.

Through the dusty plains, she’d trek,
To bring healing to each little speck,
Her presence, like a soothing peck,
Giving comfort when spirits were wrecked.

In the children’s eyes, a newfound glee,
As Wendy tend to their needs with glee,
With her wisdom, she’d set them free,
Nurturing dreams in their hearts to see.

From Elders to young, Wendy embraced,
Their culture and wisdom, never erased,
With humility, she learned and traced,
Their ancestral tales, never defaced.

Together they would dance under moonlit skies,
In harmony, their spirits would forever rise,
Drumbeats match the rhythm in Wendy’s eyes,
Love for the aboriginal community never dies.

A compassionate soul, this extraordinary nurse,
Wendy’s love for all shone like the universe,
In the aboriginal community, she’d immerse,
A bond unbreakable, a blessing to rehearse.

So let’s celebrate the big-hearted nurse,
Wendy, the angel with kindness amply dispersed,
For in her presence, the world would rehearse,
The beauty of love and healing dispersed.