My dad had a friend who was drafted into this war. He took his secrets to his grave about a year ago. Because of his choice to hide the truth, the world will never have true understand from his perspective about what really happened over there. I don’t know if talking about it was just too difficult or if he took an oath to conceal the truth but it seems strange to me that he would cover for a nefarious government so that left me feeling like he personally did something so shameful he couldn’t bear repeating it.

I doubt there is going to be an all out war here but it does appear tension is building.

This makes America appear evil.

haven’t read any polling about this
how else can i know?

I can’t help but think that war is imminent. Mostly, because China sent a clear warning to the US and Pelosi. If they don’t follow through, they will look like fools on the world stage and China is to proud to bow down and accept defeat, especially by a stupid woman.

Interesting timing. Maybe to take attention away from their banking collapse?

Maybe they are checking QR codes

Every day, as I listen to the news, the idea that we are moving closer to World War III becomes an unavoidable reality.

I agree with this completely.