War in Space

You know, this never occurred to me but the Russians could do incredible damage to US infrastructure (and world infrastructure) just by taking out a few undefended GPS satellites.

This isn’t really space but it’s close.

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“Russian media said that the Avangard would first be mounted onto Soviet-built RS-18B intercontinental ballistic missiles, and would later be fitted to the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, once the Sarmat is operational.”

This article is over a year old now. After rereading it I wondered if this step has been completed but not enough to research it.

How many weapons do men really need to destroy the world? :thinking:


i would think none… hmm that one weapon is a woman? lol



I want to live in a world, and so do the Iraqi people want to live in a world, where they can move from their homes to the market and not have to fear being killed. And, I mean, doesn’t everybody want that? Who doesn’t want that?

i might not
you don’t know
william hurt was not a good person
reggie should rejoice at his death
instead, she complains that she is informed of hurt’s death

i remember the semester i tutored 82,000 deaf people in a tiny village called comp sci
they used ASL to communicate
because sound doesn’t carry in outer space

close the sky over outer space

violent protests rock space lasers