damned be dem who dare to differ with dat

Why not? Lindstedt does.

call yourself what you want. we have many names for you here.

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lol funny. I didn’t read it that way.

Why don’t you call yourself Biff or Bifida because of your advancement in below the waist control beyond average? ( I know it seems less than what others can accomplish but they have no control whatsoever, of course you have hurt though)

Spina bifida - Wikipedia

Go fill a rubber with some cheap and rotting oats. Call it healthy.

Nothing like a fiery preacher filled with righteous indignation. Get hot! Get mad for God! Push a b.m. right out the front in that empty sock of yours.

I just want to rub it on your lips and have you smile.

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I think we should give attention to your bowel movements but not until after Christmas. Some people want to reflect on Light and your bowels are dark.

Why don’t you do yourself, Biff. You seem to be an expert in fantasy below the waste.

The only Biff I know is in Back to the Future. You remember Biff don’t you, Mark?