Vx bxcvbc

got the little drummer boy pretending to be a wise man
those three haven’t shown up and are likely MIA
then the two sheep
and they are ignoring the baby jesus, which is me

Shall we acknowledge the baby who calls himself Jesus? Perhaps if we give him a minutes he will join the MIA.

I do love it when a plan comes together.

Sounds like another impotence + filthy herpes thread.

You do not want me urinating on sores like that after I have eaten my secret asparagus meals.

But you just won’t wash there. Might lose all that cancer.

cuts up a nice plate of lemon and lime wedges with vinegar and salt

I just want to rub it on your lips and have you smile.

I just want to rub it on your lips and have you smile.

Do you think your works have made me smile?

I missed a few things. Actually, I didn’t miss anything. We can safely assume God spared you time to absorb truth so you could take in a second round of truth.

I’m not sure if you understand how really weird this is. You sort of, well not even sort of. You gave everyone here a visual of a sexual encounter with you. Are you aware that what you described is not normal sexual behavior? It’s quite twisted and has given everyone a little look see into your freakishly disturbing mental behavior. I think the question on everyone’s mind is, do you fantasize about urinating and defecating on a woman?

I don’t have any sores.

I’m just saying we do not have similar chemistry. Those things are undesirable to me, if you pride yourself with them so be it. Don’t let it spill over expecting everyone to agree with you.

You’re in denial. We have no chemistry.

That’s a lie. You can’t possibly pursue a fantasy as a doctor without some curiosity in chemistry. When you stop lying, you won’t contradict yourself.

You little mind reader. Do you have a degree in ESP? Shower us with your little espy qualifications and tell the world what I’m thinking. Only you can possibly know, lord.