VW Ad Banned in UK For Gender Stereotyping

This ad was banned in the UK for “gender stereotyping”. Seriously.

I am still brooding over the person’s wrist watch @0:08.
Because it doesn’t really look like a female watch, however the arm also doesn’t show any hair. But Reg is the expert in knives and watches AFAIK on BBAD.

  • Because if it was a female filling the washing mashine it would be definitively a tipping point for a ban for #MeeToo LOL

However, on 2nd thought, who is able to tell for sure if a female-looking person in the ad isn’t a trans-gender SJW soy boy these days?

And hasn’t another Volkswagen ad been somehow criticized for being quote-unquote “racist”? Has Volkswagen management gone full edgy alt-right? Neido! I mean how can they top it? Promoting a vehicle running on DIESEL driven by a #FFF protest family? With an undivorced HETEROSEXUAL WHITE COUPLE behind the wheel???!!!?!?!

  • Volkwagen, I am warning you! Continue this path of no return and you will find yourself entering the “world of pain”

Happy to help. Here is the watch at 0.08.


Looks like a rose gold Apple watch to me. $384 on Amazon.

no freaking way!
You are a wrist watch catalogue AI machine!
This proves Volkswagen has gone crazy (or alternatively: the world) for portraying a woman in front of a washing machine.

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