Colin Kaepernick did not vote. His opinion doesn’t mean much to me.

Michele Obama is so classy. It disgusts me that some people prefer Melania.

What a great speaker. She looks amazing.

I didn’t vote for her.

Did you vote Republican, Mark?

Do you have a dual citizenship?
Canadian citizen=Non US voter.

True. I can’t vote in your election. Did you vote Republican?

What is your value to a US politician seeking office (Upstanding Canadian citizen)? Influence over any US voters?

None. No influence over any voters, US or otherwise.

Then why are you trying to undermine the confidentiality and privacy of the US voting process?
I know you asked me a question, but it is one that I am under no obligation to answer which pressures others unfairly if I do.
The question was patriotic. That echoed well didn’t it?

Of course you’re under no obligation to answer my question, Mark. My asking it doesn’t undermine the confidentiality or privacy of your voting process at all.

Did you vote Republican?

What would the ballot have to look like minimally to satisfy that statement? It wasn’t spoiled, but what would disqualify it?

“After notifying the state of the error, the remaining votes were counted Saturday, said Board of Elections Administrator Marge McCabe. She said the newly tallied votes “did not change the outcome” of any races.”

Knowing it didn’t chance the outcome doesn’t satisfy the question of how the ballots ended up in a “mislabeled” bin.

In the system we have now people have a precinct where they go that has their names on a list, they identify themselves, they go into the poll and close the curtain to cast a secret ballot and no one is allowed in with them. This is to avoid coercion, buying and selling of votes and fraud. With mass mail-in ballots all those protections are lost. There are political reasons that people want to loosen these safeguards. ~ paraphrasing Bill Barr