Vlogs...I think

I don’t know what to post as a topic title. I’ve bought a Canon XA60 and will have some videos posted to my personal YouTube account soon, also a gaming one that I run. I don’t know what it will be first. Probably some test footage tomorrow as I’ve only unboxed it all tonight

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Nice gear! Looking forward to seeing what you post.

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Scratch that, I’m at site today and tomorrow so won’t be able to until Thursday.

Definitely still need a few attachments as my order said it had a mic but didn’t get one in the package. So onboard use it is, hopefully it isn’t too bad. Can use a program to clean it up a bit but I’m no audio guy at all

I can’t wait. Actually thinking of taking some days off to get started with it lol But right now I can’t

So, I’m running into problems. Had to go out today and buy a new monitor as my current one wouldn’t really comprehend the UHD, I mean a lot of HD is HD but for editing purposes I’ll use my old one as a second monitor. Also rearranged my gym as somewhat of a set I’ll most likely use. Not done yet but here it is so far

Still no clue what I’ll start on first but I’ve been keeping up with hockey mostly as rest of the world news is garbage as always lol Definitely getting this done tonight and will upload the first few minutes of test footage on this baby.

First upload will just be raw footage and will get a scope of onboard audio. Bought myself another 128 big SD card for it today

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nice, hockey is an excellent topic (real hockey not that silly ice version)
good luck!

Sounds like the perfect thing to vlog about.

First bit of test footage on the XA60

And second bit