I don‘t know why those young guys, actually kids, are that aggressive and respectless, but I would sentence them to unpaid social work at every weekend for the next 10 years.


ah she should be ok, they did manage to pull her out:

They are Irish. You can’t expect too much.

The boy in the jacket seemed genuinely shocked that she fell but it was disappointing that he just stood there mentally incapable of helping her out. From the video, I wouldn’t judge him a criminal but I would judge him incompetent and permanently ban him from train stations, globally.

I would. A year getting sodomized in prison seems appropriate for a totally deliberate attack putting another person in life threatening danger.

Note the kick at the different girl at the end. Just a bunch of low-life scum.

You’re merciless. I suspect you can’t help it.

That seems harsh, not to mention disgusting and biblically a sin against you for even suggesting such an abominable punishment.

No. I didn’t see that. I’ll go back and watch it again.

its all a matter of perspective:

what i saw is some kids acting out and behaving like idiots because they were kicked off a train and some girls running because they were late for their train
1 of the running girls gets a little push from one of the annoyed guys and she lost her balance/tripped and fell on the tracks

its an unfortunate accident that could have been prevented if the guys behaved more mature but mostly it wouldnt have happened if she didnt run over the yellow line…

I agree, and a year of being sodomized in prison might help make that young man more mature.

thats very unlikely, rape will almost certainly only cause more issues

Well, in the vaccine thread you often accused me of wanting to try experimental therapies. Might as well try this experiment here.

experimental therapies are very useful as long as you dont try to force this upon others

so… sure, go ahead with your experiment and try to enjoy :wink:

No, Nico, that is your hangup, not mine. I have no trouble experimenting on others and, if I was in charge, two strong policemen would come along and take you away screaming to the local vaccine clinic where a fat Dutch nurse would inject you as you cried about your rights.

lol@2 strong policemen
whatever turns you on, keep sharing your kinky fantasies, they are amusing :wink:

No accident at all. She only moved behind the yellow line and fell, because after the spit of the first idiot in the red jacket which irritated her and made her dodge, the second idiot behind the first one moved his front bicycle wheel toward her and either hit her or shocked her. This made her fall. If any of those girls or bystanders reacted to this with hitting their heads for that any or all involved get killed and I was a judge, I would that one call a hero and walk free.


The idiot was standing in the way. It didn’t appear she had the time or maybe she would have stopped and respectfully requested he step aside so she could get on the train. Ok f she was attempting to get on the train, by what other method was she going to get there? Leap forward from the line and fall?


Gunda, your English is a little broken so I can’t completely agree with this last part but for the most part, I think you are right.

uhm no i dont think so, she moved behind the yellow line and was running because she was late and still wanted to catch that train instead of waiting for the next, thats the main reasons why she fell on the tracks

no excuses for those kids acting out in such a way but iam interested to know what they did to get kicked off the train? i mean if it was serious enough to kick them off then why wasnt the police called and waiting at the station to pick them up?

ok perhaps no police available? then why was there at first only 1 guy in yellow available outside? the 2nd guy only came out after the girl was pulled off the tracks?!
both of them would have been more than enough to escort those kids off the platform and most likely nothing would have happened either…

lol you and reg and your savage “justice”; should the family of those dead kids also be entitled to try and kill the killers and the family of those can try to kill that family etc etc

by walking…

annoyed kids acting out and nobody mature/sensible enough around to correct them

You know, if those families don‘t acknowledge the wrongdoing of those kids, then send them to me. I helpfully will teach them.

i doub that, or do you teach your dogs in the same way? with anger and violence?

Dogs don‘t have the intelligence to realize that spitting at people and shoving them right beside a train is wrong. Kids (should) have that intelligence. Even worse though, if adult human beings lack that intelligence too. Which reminds me of an episode of the best (if although just my second favourite) criminal tv series in the world: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. That kid deserved to get killed by the father of his victim. That kid was a psychopath. A pity his mother wasn‘t killed as well.

interesting, i think they have the exact same intelligence… they will know not to do so when they are taught it isnt beneficial to them

a kid deserving to get killed…
you dont believe kids or infant dogs can be taught to behave differently?