Very controversial - Rabbi VS. Hilter VS. Torah VS. liberalism

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi and Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat about the jewish state, communism, liberalism, godless zionists, loss of western culture due to mixing and cultural marxism, Hitler’s motives and his book Mein Kampf.
!VERY CONTROVERSIAL! (just admit it: you didn’t expect anything else from me :wink: )

Bbaders: Did any of you read “mein Kampf”? Any opinion about the book, especially targetting the issues brought on within the video above, please post withing the “BBAD book club”.

Do you think both faithless, communist Zionists and (national) socialists worked together to destroy the regional states by creating artificial states like “Germany” and “Israel”, infect the nations with cultural marxism by creating uniform states where the state controls everything, imposes its own culture, especially overtaking the schools and education as portrayed in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, thereby banning home-schooling and ghettos where one could live according to torah law (amongst many other way-of-lifes that went out of lockstep with the gov. such as Jehovas Witnesses etc.).

Daniel, that video confused me. I realize reading the book would be helpful and I promise I’ll find the book and read it soon but I need the punchline for now.

Hitler killed 6 million Jews because they were Russian? I’m sorry I’m a little confused because all I know is what I learned as a kid is school. Hitler killed the Jews because he wanted to create a perfect blonde-haired blue-eyed race.

So in Israel today, the Jews encourage conversion to Christianity but they frown on lectures about the Torah? I would like to know more about this.

Do you support Hamas?

Hopefully! :wink:

What? What? What? The guy (rabbi) in the vid is talking about Jews forsaking god and supporting despicable idiologies like communism and starting off communism in zarist Russia of old (according to the rabbi). Being Russian ain’t no crime :wink: according to the torah. Forsaking god like Ba’al worship is a major crime though, especially for any people counting themselves to “Israel”. (According to the bible god will punish Israel’s trespassings of the law more severely than the heathen’s) (and by Israel, I mean everybody considering themselves to be Israel, not just jews.)

Do I support hamas? I don’t even really know Hamas well, so how could I support them? I do support every people’s and nation’s right for armed self-defense though, regardless of nationality or political system.

The guy in the video calls himself Rabbi. According to Jesus, call no one Rabbi.

If I learned anything in my life than to forget EVERYTHING they told you in school (except from languages, math and some physics).
I resetted myself after 9/11 step by step and put all things learned in school about history, religion and society where they rightfully belong: into the trashbin.

Yeah, messianic jews don’t like to be called rabbis, too, due to Jesus.
However rabbi in the sense of the word just means learnd one/ knowledgeable in scripture/teacher.
So, okay, I’ll call em teachers, too.

I suppose I don’t understand what your issue is. The whole world goes after other gods which is exactly why it was so important that Jesus come.

When I say the whole world, I’m not excluding any people, language, culture or race.

Why are you so angry about what’s happening there?

We all gotta do what “they” (gov) doesn’t want us to do: read, to learn it by ourselves.
Will be my next book to prove whether the 2 “teachers” are right or wrong.

What do You mean by “there”? Russia?
If Russia then:
Because communism is a virus. Just look how it badly effected eastern European nations up to the point they completely forgot their culture and religion.
This thing spreaded and now it is spreading across Europe due to the EU. Their commisars and removal of everything biblical and faithful to god is a death thread to the people. Of course I am angry at this. Shouldn’t I? They’re deceiving the people.
Only Hitler made the mistake to accredit this to “the Jew”. But we in Europe now know, that this isn’t the case, as it is spreading again and there are barely any jews here. It is an abomination, a virus that can infest any group or people.

I said I would read it. Im not going to drive an hour to town today tho. I’m asking you to tell me what they are doing that offends you. What are they doing that is worse than what America does? Are they eating children or what?

I’m talking about Israel.

Communism is spreading in Europe?

We should not forget that Hitler had been an artist by profession.
And artists, how should I say, are often overly concerned with completely superficial things and outer appearance. I mean, overly. And not few of them are “out of orbit”, not really right in their brains. I must know. I have artists in my family. I can’t stand this way of thinking.

Of course! Unelected commisars in Brussels are making the laws instead of the people. They let vote (e.g. with the Lisbon treaty) so many times till the result is “right in their eyes”. They are enforcing distribution of muslim refugees across Europe against the will of the people. They are inserting “commisars” where people elect the “wrong guy” (e.g. Renzi in Italy, installed Commisars in Greece). They are bailing out private banks with tax money (even when breaking their own laws within one year(!) e.g. Monte-di-Paschi bank). State-enforced public schooling. state-enforced women in the workplace/ gender roles. State-enforced vaccinations. Soon-to-be state-enforced kindergardening for the sake of “integration”. Actively undermining religion and religious upbringing. List goes on and on…
If that isn’t communist, THEN WHAT IS IT?!?!

The Left in America is supporting Communism?

If any of the details I said about the EU applies to the left in America, then: YES.

Ummm, ok. :confused::slightly_frowning_face:

I read your book. It was painfully difficult getting past chapter 2. Some of the things he wrote were extremely hurtful. This was a man filled with hate and confused mixing religions with mixing races but apparently he understood something Christians don’t…yet. I believe I understand now and I feel very ashamed and a great deal of sorrow because of it. I am truly sorry because I know our past and present behavior is directly related. This is causing me a great deal of grief.

I see how liberals draw parallels between Hitler and President Trump. I also see how Conservatives draw parallels between Liberals and Communists. And I see it’s because of the Jews. I feel so extremely torn over this issue that I don’t think I’ve fully digested what I know that I know.

I admit I started right at chapter 11 (race topic “the meat”) and skipped 10 chapters.
AFAIK, I read some papers back in school (no net back then) starting from chapter 1 which bored me to death. I had been into splatter and torture movies back then, so reading about profane stuff like his upbringing and building up some kind of democratic party disappointed me back then.

I understand him confusing religion with race in regards to the jew and I can even prove that:
Liberal media - to further abuse their “anti-shemitism-silencer” weapon - regularly portraits e.g. George Soros as “a jew”/ “jewish”, even though Soros publicly on video stated that he is an atheist and doesn’t believe in god at all.
One could understand people reading and watching this, that “being jewish” was a mere hereditary issue, since a person that doesn’t only forsake the torah, but god entirely, is being portrayed as “being jewish”.
As a jew, I’d rather be offended by MSM to even connect such a filthy person with the jewish religion. This guy is as unkosher as it can get.

I expect he is doing things that will lead to the destruction of Christianity. And the left will be all to happy to assist in our annihilation because we disgust them as much as we disgust atheists. They are one.

In terms of cognitive processes, people with stronger conspiracy beliefs are more likely to overestimate the likelihood of co-occurring events, to attribute intentionality where it is unlikely to exist, and to have lower levels of analytic thinking.

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