I couldn’t read him now. I read, “blink.” Long, boring, too many statistics.

don’t give up
thars gold in them thar hills

not a lot of gold, maybe
and a hill is a hill
but gold

I suppose an overview or recommendation of a favored book would be asking too much.

I recommend Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. It is entirely devoid of pedantic observations on society. To its great credit, it will not make you think.

Okay, I’ll consider it. Right now I’m only interested in The Da Vinci Code.

i just got his latest book
in which he explains why his earlier book was in error
i love this guy

I told you books are generally a waste of time.

Is it a thousand pages? Must have had a lot of errors. Seems like a good idea on his part. He’ll probably get a boatload of money.

Especially books with blank pages. I hate that. Nothing to read.


i pity people whose proficiency with math leads them away from books with numbers
there should be a topic for them

They could call it isolated by the number.

all books have numbers
sometimes it’s only page numbers
do those scare you?