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what did bill gates do
and when
to fall into the crosshairs of the #i’m_disenfranchized_too movement?

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thank you

the pa

i wish i was zucker

the croatian football player?

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Unlikely. Columbia is an inland city in South Carolina. The country I’m typing this from is Colombia.

is medellin a port?

plus i promise i was chasing my goldfish when i typed a u on purpose

No, but Cartagena and Barranquilla both are. There’s also an industrial port on the Pacific side but it’s not as pretty as Cartagena. Colombia has both Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

have you calculated your longitude?

No, but it’s easy enough to look up. 6.2476° N, 75.5658° W

everyone knows
when you play space invaders
space invaders plays you

Speaking from experience?