US vs Huawei

This disgusts me totally. Why is this woman arrested on CANADIAN soil for violating idiotic US sanctions against Iran? Since when did we become a wing of Trump’s idiotic foreign policy?

Seems the US war on Huawei is not going so well.

Have faith! Geez! You are so impatient. Haven’t you ever heard slow and steady wins the race?

It’s worth mentioning, Trump has a good four more years to accomplish his goal.

Four years? I doubt he’ll be able to do much from prison.

Perhaps he will focus on prison reform.

A decision on Meng Wanzhou is expected today.

Double criminality. :woozy_face: Shes in deep trouble.

Yes. She lost. The extradition process can now continue. China has two of our citizens as hostages and will likely take more, now, in retaliation. Any Canadians going to China should rethink.

Many Canadians feel strongly about this. I did at first but China’s bullying tactics have really irritated me. I care less now. I get a kick out of the protesters saying “Don’t let China bully us”. Releasing Meng Wanzhou would be totally giving in to China.

This stupidity is over finally.

Yup. You could even say the crime has been buried. That’s what the US does best.