Interesting. I would never have expected this but it’s very, very intelligent imo.

I bet China would make them a nice deal.


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I have 567 points in rewards I can use for uber eats. I can use 250 for a 3 dollar drink at starbucks or I can use 500 for 1/2 off the next 10 purchases I make for 20 dollars minimum up to 20 dollars in savings in the next 28 days with a MC in the app wallet.

I zeroed all my other cards. I have one MC left I have been bringing down. I have a good credit rating getting near excellent. MC may have recently lost some profits due to this bold move:

[Mastercard will cut ties with Pornhub over smut site’s ‘abusive’ content — RT World News](https://)

Starbucks is overrated and one medium drink is 800 calories. That’s dinner for two.

Are you posting this because of your inability to make a purchase or because it’s news?
I don’t know why anyone would call it news. You don’t need a card to scroll the site. The news should be that it’s shutting down. Perhaps we could get the healthcare industry or more specifically the WHO to investigate the perversion and request the CDC make a recommendation.

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You need to clear out your body of waste.

I don’t find bikes or scooters anywhere nowadays.

You need to clear your mind of waste.



Interesting, this. It’s all soon to be irrelevant as computers will drive us before long.