U Will

Turn around! You have an education and I have Wisdom. Shall I trade my Wisdom for your intelligence? May it never be! The Lord will soften your heart and, indeed, already has because I love you and I have prayed and asked God for you.

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If you don’t breath, your pain may be harder to bare.

And it is not by my power or might.

You are the biggest coward because you are suppose to represent everything honorable this country stands for. If you had been in the Truth, you would have known that the President is turning our country inward because we are not going to partake in whats coming.

We are seperate from the world. We are different! We are the remnant of Israel that came out of the exile. We are Manasseh! And this is the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh: Let my name (Israel) be on them. Genesis 49

Keep breathing if you can. Remember you have honor so put a stick in your mouth and bite down.

A long-haired, tanned, skinny left-wing lesbo hippie liberal with a tamborin protesting Trumpster students at the sacred Indian burial ground on Harold Covington high…

MyBigMoon’s Will IS THAT YOU??? Hahaha


I mean, just look. Admit it: You protested there with Your hippie drum circle…

More multi-cultural action (Thanks that those guys weren’t white):

Love it!