Twins By Design

The Bible teaches us that twin births are unique. While I don’t consider myself to be anything, my birth was nothing if not unique.

Normally, twins grow side by side. In 1965, the only way to know if you were having twins was for the doctor to hear two heartbeats.

In our case, Melissa laid on top of me for the full term of my mother’s pregnancy. Because of this pattern of growth, the doctor only heard one heartbeat.

Three minutes after Melissa (honeybee/worker) was born, I made an unexpected entrance into the world.

I was born bruised from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. It could be a coincidence (not imho) or it could be a sign.

I need to push through something.

Psalms 144: 1

When I was 11, My sister and I fell asleep watching tv on the floor with our brother-in-law.

When I woke up, my hand was on him and he was pressing my fingers and thumb together.

I was struck with extremely great fear. Not knowing what to do, I rolled over to my other side. Shortly after, he got up, carried me to a bunk bed and laid me down.

Because I was so terrified, I did not close my eyes at all the entire night. Every creeping sound sent shockwaves of intense fear throughout my body. I was truly terrified out of my mind.

This was the first time I was exposed to perversion.

At 11 years old I was innocent but I understood the difference between good and evil so I confessed the Truth at 13.

And Satan came against me.

I began sneaking out of the house that same year with my best friend who would later be my sister-in-law and betray me. With her, I began to drink.

I committed a multitude of sins throughout my teen years. None forgivable and all worthy of Hell. Very severely losing moral direction.

I lost my innocence at 14 and was carrying my first child at 15.

I had an abortion and stopped caring about anything.

At 18, I married and divorced within 8 months.

The man I left him for was married.

Most of our time together was spent doing Ecstasy.

Then I met Mike.

I didn’t stop seeing the married man.

One night there was a knock at the door so I got up and went over to answer it.

As I was turning the handle, I heard Mike say something. But I was opening the door as I turned and looked at him.

It was the married man and two brothers. They backed me into the room and everything went chaotic for a few minutes. There was a lot of yelling between them and Mike.

They had at least 2 guns. When everything calmed down, they told us we were going with them. I was shaking already but this scared me.

When I went to get my sandals, one of the brothers stopped me and said, “No shoes.”
This demand terrified me and I thought they were going to kill us.

Mike was placed in the front passenger seat with the married man. I was in the back between the brothers.

During the ride, they started asking Mike questions about his whereabouts on a certain day.

They accused him of shooting at the married man’s mobile home, where his toddler son was.

He confessed nothing and we stopped at a dead-end road.

Married man and one brother with some kind of shot gun took Mike somewhere behind the car. I don’t know where they went or what they saw.

The other brother escorted me over to the edge of a ravine where a bridge was being reconstructed. It was here that I though I was about to die. I was crying and terrified.

On the side of the road was a pile of rock. He took me over and we climbed the pile to the top.

It was dark and I don’t remember seeing much except nearby trees, the car and his face.

It was here that he told me to go down. At first, I didn’t know what he meant. The time it took me to look toward the car and back at him, I knew and he confirmed it with the shifting of his eyes downward.

I went from fearing I was going to die to wanting to die to feeling I died because I felt humiliated. Every emotion in me was out of control.

You can’t believe all the things that can go through your mind in one minute or even one second.

I wanted to run first but I was barefoot on rocks and immediately realized why he said no shoes. I wanted to scream. Who was I going to scream for? I didn’t want Mike to know what he was doing.

I knew I was defeated so I did what I was told.

Then he picked me up by my hair, turned me around and grudge fkd me.

When he finished, he walked away, turned around and told me to come on.

After I made it down from the rock pile and started walking toward the car, I could see the other brother leaning against it. When he saw me he stood up and walked toward me and began shooting at me.

That caused me to panic. I put my hands on my head, fell down and started screaming and begging for him to stop shooting.

It was incredibly humiliated because I was crying and begging for my life.

I do believe that your sins find you out and that was my payback for such bad behavior.


2 Cor. 12: 9

I was with Mike two years and he was mean to me. I had done so much wrong, it may be that I thought I deserved it. I knew he wasn’t nice but I didn’t care and I had no moral compass. He was an older man and he was about to teach me everything I didn’t know that I didn’t want to know.

I was pregnant with my second child early in our relationship. Without consideration, I quickly aborted this baby because I did not want to have his child. I also didn’t want to be tied down. He was pushing 30 so he may have felt differently but I certainly didn’t care about his feelings. I don’t even recall discussing it with him.

After this, he starting hitting me.

The first time he just slapped me. Even tho I knew he had a reputation for it, I didn’t really think he would hit me. I was a nice person in my own mind so it did shock me.

After this, we could be anywhere and he would slap me to the floor. Either I did something wrong or I said something wrong. It didn’t really matter what it was. It wasn’t debatable. Just know, I was wrong.

In the beginning, I didn’t notice the increase in intensity. I didn’t recognize that it was getting worse. The change was subtle, slow and likely methodical.

Over time he went from slapping me to the ground to slapping me over a car. When I began resisting him, he became apologetic and used sex as a tool for forgiveness.

Then one afternoon I was driving us to his parents home a block off main street. We were going down main street and I made the mistake of telling him his friend wanted to get something out of the trunk of the car.

I don’t know what about it that set him off but he hit me going down the road and he didn’t stop as he had in the past. He just kept swinging and I was swerving and screaming. It was chaos but somehow I made it to the house. I regret not stopping on main street because he got out of the car and came around to my side before I could get out. I don’t know how many times he hit me this day but it was enough that it disturbed is dads slumber so that he had to take at least one step out on the porch to yell at his son to stop.

This was the first time I realized it was getting worse.

One thing I knew about the Laws in God’s Word was that it is forbidden for a man to lay with a woman during her cycle but he was a very twisted individual and cared nothing about God or His Word. He pressed me but I said no. I wanted no part of that. It was a depraved act to me. When he finished, I got up, turned back and saw what looked like a crime scene. It made me feel ashamed and I hated him for it.

So his depraved mind took it to the next level when he woke me up using an object I would later learn was a stick.

And I got pregnant for a third time. This time it was different. I thought this pregnancy would give me protection. What kind of man hits a woman carrying a baby. He did this. He hit me so hard I literally flew backwards into the corner of a table. It knocked the breath out of me and I went to the floor where I stayed until he fell asleep. At this moment, I only knew one thing. If he hits me again, my spirit will follow my breath of air.
Besides the new, stronger force he used that day, he had also started wearing rings. It was at this point that I started looking for ways to get away from him. Because I knew he was going to kill me, eventually.

So I went to Dallas where they do late term abortions.

Here they took me into a room and inserted seaweed in me to force dilation and told me to “come back tomorrow.”

So I went to a hotel and went into hard labor for 24 hours. The pain was excruciating like when you pull your bottom lip up over your head and diaper pin it to your ears.

The next morning I went back in and they proceeded to rip this baby from me one limb at a time.

I lost a lot of blood and God should have let me die there.

But no! Hell no! I had to choose a loving God to serve. One who allows me to choose my own destiny, Heaven or Hell. One who allows me to live a life filled with sin or righteousness. Whichever my conscious could live with, as long as I didn’t mind Karma. And I no longer wanted to be care-less.

Dark to Light

1 John 5: 13

I was 21 and had lost two years of my youth. I went home to my parents where I knew I would be safe and worked for my dad. This gave me much needed time to do serious soul-searching. So I began praying that God would take me out of this lifestyle.

Two years later, I met Dusty and I knew he was morally upright. He was going through a very deeply painful divorce. But he was broken and in a no-care state of mind. I lived with him just a few months before he was distracted by another woman. I moved out and she moved in on the same day.

The first time I saw Dusty’s face was in the Sr high school annual. I was 13. My oldest sister was in his class and I was turning the pages looking for her. When I turned the last page, I saw his photo just below hers and I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on. In my heart, I fell in love with his face.

When I moved out, I didn’t really hold out much hope to be near him again as I didn’t know God was in control.

Dusty has received a cash settlement from a fall off the Rig he was working on and they blew through that money. By the time they had gone through that money, he had had enough of her. So my bff who was already married to his brother called me. We met up at their house and spent the entire night talking about everything. So I moved back in and put her things on the porch, where they stayed for a week.

At some point early on, I told him about falling in love with his photo and and he told me we should focus on “like” for a while. I loved this and thought he was just awesome. There was just no one like him.

Not long after that, the rig went down and Dusty was offered a job running a tire disposal plant. He told me he was leaving and asked if I wanted to go. I said yes and we started a new life together in Choctaw near OKC.

Not long after, I was offered a job at the front gate taking care of the paperwork and weighing tire loads. And we started making money. Lots of money. He was being compensated very well.

The man that was over the Oklahoma and Texas plants was a very underhanded person and he began to give Dusty orders to dial up (or down) the belt to show the government that we were running more than what we were. It was my job to create the fake tickets. One I absolutely hated doing so I started looking for ways to let someone know at the corporate office. If the secretary called asking questions, without giving a straight answer, I would find a way to direct her eyes to a specific area. When they figured it out and the info began to circulate, we were drug tested and I failed for marijuana. They said Dusty failed also but they refused to show him the test results. They agreed to give us unemployment benefits so we gathered our things and I took one of the ticket books that I had been creating dummy tickets from and we went home. Dusty allowed me to enroll in higher ed and I excelled above other girls in that class. I dressed as if I was going to work every day and when the bank called looking for someone, she pulled me from the class and asked me if I was interested. It would require dropping out and I did.

My new boss was a hardass and I was told that she was going to make me cry early on. She did make me cry and she was charged with evaluating all bank employees. I received two more than I wanted but two less than I needed and thankful for both as it made me reflect on my inner self. For some reason, we clicked and became really good friends.

Dusty and I lived together 3 years before we were married and married 3 years before we had the twins.

After the twins were born, things got tough and I cried every day for the first year. It was so difficult. But Dusty wasn’t the kind of man that just let me deal with it. He was up for feedings and changed diapers. He was very much a hands on father to our children and I was thankful.

And then our past came back to haunt us when the FBI came calling. I lied to them and told them I didn’t know anything but after a talk with that secretary, they came back. This time, I told them everything and gave them the book and we never heard from them again.

So we moved to Jimtown on Jan 1 of 97’. That same day, Dusty took a promotion and pay raise. Not long after, I quit my job to stay home with the twins. I rededicated my life to Christ and started taking our children to church but Dusty rarely went. I didn’t really worry to much about his salvation because God’s Word promises that if you believe in Him, you will be saved, you and your household. -Acts

When the twins turned 4, we put them in head start and bought our first computer and I went looking for chess sites.

I enjoyed chess because it was a thinking mans game and I liked studying the moves even tho I barely even knew how to play. It was also a mental distraction from other things.

Over time as everyone started getting acquainted, exchanging photos and meeting I knew that was going to be a problem. I had already judged myself unfit and getting acquainted meant being truthful and I didn’t know how truthful I would have to be but I wasn’t about to find out. So I decided to lead the narrative and started poking around in everyone’s business with my endless questions and everyone seemed to enjoy sharing their answers.

Well…most everyone.

I would exclude ALL Grizzly’s

And Reg…

Reg didn’t play into the mindless chatter. When I looked at my friend list to see who was at the table. Most everyone on the list was babbling all the time, except Reg. It appeared he was strictly there for observation and I was curious about that. Soon I would learn that Reg was tech savvy and because he didn’t participate in those games, he was the most trusted person on that site. So when I couldn’t avoid putting a photo out there any longer, I gave Reg my senior picture, which he grilled me over with reason. I was, at that time, 10 full pounds overweight and self conscious about it. I hated taking pictures because I wasn’t photogenic. So when he pressed me about it, I lied. While I thought most everyone in there was full of it, I thought Reg was eloquent in speech so I flirted with him to learn more but he was unmoved so I felt comfortable around him. Unfortunately, he opened his mouth about God and I knew he was wrong about it so I was determined to change his belief. Lord knows I have tried and failed but I’m not worried about it anymore. I serve a Loving God that would never send anyone to Hell but gives His children the right to choose and I support Regs’ right to choose eternal damnation, just as he has supported my right to murder another human being.

At home, our son was pampered with every toy known to man but I and our daughter noticed it.

In 2005, we had debt and our finances were turned upside down. We couldn’t make ends meet and I began using credit cards to cover our needs and our debt was growing.

We started to seek financial counseling but we’re advised to stop paying certain bills and that didn’t set well so I told Dusty that I was going back to church and that I was going to start tithing. He asked me how I was going to do that and I told him by faith, to which he rolled his eyes and walked away. That was the first week in June and about 40 days later he received an unexpected raise on his paycheck. He thought that was unusual because they usually notified you if there was a raise coming. Three months later, he was offered a job consulting.

I posted that testimony on BBAD and AlboGator laid into me over it because I gave God the glory and not Dusty.

1 Cor. 3: 6

We paid off all our bills and began reshaping our children into entitled millennials. By the time the twins were grown, our son had accumulated a few dirt bikes, a motorcycle, many 4-wheelers, several trucks and a Jeep. Our daughter and a collection of books and a car. When it was announced that she was Valedictorian, I took her out and bought her a Hyundai Genesis Sport with 5 miles on it.

She went on to college and he got on drugs.

Today, she has received her Bachelors Degree in finance and a Masters in business. She works in the finance dept for Textron Aviation where she is working toward her dream of becoming a commercial pilot because flying is her passion. She has a little girl that’s 5 and captivating. Charli married in June and just learned she’s having a baby.

Our son goes to court on the 20th over drug related charges. He has two sons, 2 and 3 years old, a stepson and his wife is pregnant with their first daughter to be delivered in two weeks. Both boys are still in diapers and bottles.

I haven’t told you all this so that you could sit around and judge my son as a failure. If anyone failed him it was me when I didn’t make him go to college.

I’m telling you all this to lay a foundation for my platform.

Who I Am

Acts 1: 8

With the twins in school and park bench leading nowhere useful, I knew I needed to be doing something constructive with my time. Living an hour from the nearest city and no real education made it impossible to make the kind of money required to pay for the drive and wear on the car. I needed something that wouldn’t interfere with my ability to be there for the Twins when they had games or field trips or anything. Not knowing what to do, I prayed. Nothing eloquent. Just a simple prayer.
“God put me where you would have me be every day, in Jesus’ Name.”

I was actively involved in church and teaching a Sunday school class.

All that changed when Clinton was found out. The Democratic Party was no longer the working man’s party. They had aligned themselves against all things moral and I was disgusted by the change. When the church stood their ground in support of this party, I left. In my eyes, it was contradictory to everything the Church teaches. I also couldn’t stay with that party so I changed my affiliation.

Ecclesiastes 10:2

From here, I began making myself available to whoever needed help. Little did I notice at the time, God began to put me with sick people. And with people who were dying.

The first person I watched die had a tumor on his lung but he didn’t struggle and his death appeared peaceful.

This wasn’t my ideal job but it was where God put me and l was fine with it because I prefer to live my life accepting everything that is happening as God’s Will because there are no coincidences.

The alternative was to question it and doubt its purpose for me, never growing into the maturity needed to understand my spiritual self, who God was and is in my life and where He was taking me.

Ephesians 6: 12

I thought I was suppose to somehow lead you all to Christ online because of the hour. I didn’t know how that was going to happen but I wasn’t worried about it.

When I found out you all had been saved and baptized, I felt grieved. But then I realized it wasn’t about me leading any of you anywhere. You had already been there, done that. It was about you leading me to the truth. I obviously can’t do my Fathers work if I can’t face truth.

I’ve known almost since Trump announced his run for presidency that true change was coming and by the time the election came, I knew why.

I learned that the military had gone to Trump in 2012 to ask Trump to run but he needed grooming so he waited 4 more years. And I learned it was because the Clintons were under investigation about pedophilia and so were many wealthy elites. Beyond that, I knew nothing and I couldn’t present it as fact since it was under investigation. It was coming out as Trump rants on Twitter. Notice when Trump made a comment about Baltimore, a report shoes millions of dollars had just disappeared.

2 Thessalonians 2

It is up to you to choose to know.

It is not my responsibility to convince you of the truth. My only charge is to show you the truth I’m given.

Those who yell the loudest are the most guilty, myself included.

Which brings me to this time last year.

Danial suggested I read Mein Kampf and I felt strongly compelled to get the book as quickly as possible so I ordered the audio online.

In this book Hitler describes why he felt the Jews should be exterminated. My mind began to draw a picture of them controlling all things on both the Right and left and I felt a great deal of grief. I couldn’t go anywhere or talk to anyone because I was grieving so hard. I stayed home several days when something came over me and I felt that I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit. So I called my sister-in-law and we headed to Colorado.

The first leg of the trip was euphoric but something was disturbing my thoughts when I laid down to rest. By the end of the trip I knew I was going to behave badly because I was getting angry about all that was coming out and all that was happening to children globally.

When we returned, Will and I almost immediately began having words. I was still disturbed about the book and I was worried something was going to happen in September so I stopped reading my Bible and watching the news. My news was limited to mostly online articles.

The Feast of Trumpets is in September which is interesting because it describes a day where a shofar is blown. There is a distinct parallel in the march around Jericho.

God’s word tells us that we will have a joyful expectation of His coming.

I encourage you all to smile like you were just told the secret to a mystery.

Not like that! Smile with your whole face. And be happy.

I’m interested in knowing what you all think the end will be like. Certainly not like the flood. God’s Word says he would not destroy the world in this manner again with a promise and a sign in the heavens. Gods Word says it will be cleansed by fire. :smirk:. He also tells us He will take us out of His wrath.

I’m not implying the world won’t be destroyed by a literal fire. I’m just saying His Word says there must be cleansing by fire.

Numbers 31: 23

You all have committed a grievous offense against your Savior. I love you all dearly and have even lost sleep over your words. I know I can’t help any of you at all but you won’t be leaving this world without knowing the truth as I believe God gives it to me.


1 John 4: 6

I am still the same person I was before. This is still flawed news from humans. I’m still going to make posting mistakes to which I want, need and even plead with you all to bring to my attention. But I’m never going to purposefully tell you a lie. That would cause you to stumble and you already trip and fall a lot.

There are so many people involved in this pedophilia ring that Tribunals are being held and some are given plea deals. It will be up to you to dig deeper and find out more about something or someone, if you really want to know.

No one in the public really and truly knows if Epstein is dead or alive but Trump knows. Everyone speculated but Trumps tweets should be given more consideration and less judgement. In his tweets he indicated he believed Epstein was dead and that the Clintons killed him or had him killed. That could mean someone in their circle killed him or his death was determined to be of more value if he “chose” to die to save other pedos from being found out. It is worthy of our attention should anything new be reported.

We serve a Loving God and everything is according to His timing. He is patient but He will not wait forever because His Word will come to pass at the appointed time, with or without any of you.

While it would crush my soul to know it’s without, God will wipe away my tears and I would only be able to pray a drop falls to your tongue. It truly would be the only mercy you would receive for your own choice to reject Life.

Do not expect me to accept that choice as long as have a breath in me but I will always try to show as much respect as I can for your right to choose that direction for your life.

God sent a strong delusion so that people would believe a lie and apparently you all do believe it. If you no longer believe the lie time will expose that truth even if you don’t want me to know it because as you have seen through me that “no one escapes” Truth.

What is Coming

2 Timothy 1: 7

Gods Word tells us that He does nothing without telling His servants the prophets.

How do you think it would be possible for His people to have a JOYFUL EXPECTATION of His coming if He had not told us He was coming.

Trump is methodical and his words have meaning. While I don’t know for certain what is happening, I can share what I think is happening because Gods Word tells me I am of sound mind. What I feel is not my imagination.

I believe there is about to be a global currency reset and I believe we, in the USA, will not participate but will do a gold exchange.

Trumps words are a mirror of what is happening.
Whoever controls the money controls the people.
Whoever controls the media controls the mind.
They want you to hate Trump because they know he is secretly warning everyone. But he is so out there with his words that the Left thinks he is insane because they loved not Truth and chose to believe a lie (I believe the Clinton deception was this lie and even knowing how all evidence points to her evil agenda, people still continue to refuse to confess the truth because the delusion is STRONG) so Trump is incapable of penetrating their mind so that they would believe the truth. But God is revealing His Truth to all who would hear Him.

You all have heard Him and should be ashamed for denying Him. You have a lost soul amongst yourselves and you don’t even care. If you did, you would tell him the truth. If you fail to reach him, his soul will be a testimony against you and if called, I will confirm it.

You are all Gentiles. Read what Gods Word tells you about the Gentiles. They will suffer at the hands of those who would seek to change times and laws.

I’m not a Gentile. I’m a Christian and I’m not going where you all are going and where I’m going none of you can go, at least not in your present state of mind which is not sound. The battle is coming but you will not survive it if you fail to admit the Truth.

I want to share something that is so far out there that I have questioned in my own mind weather or not I’m imagining things.

Joshua 6: 2-17

The Israelites were charged with marching around Jericho 6 times and on the 7th march around Jericho, the rams’ horn or trumpet was to be blown and with a great shout the Bible says the walls came down.

During the Feast of Trumpets a shofar is blown as a memorial. No other commandment is given about this scripture but if you search the Scriptures you will find what happens when this act is performed.

Exodus 19: 18-20

And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly
And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder, Moses spake, and God answered him by a voice.
And the LORD came down upon mount Sinai, on the top of the mount: and the LORD called Moses UP to the top of the mount; and Moses WENT UP.

I believe this is exactly what will happen as the Trumpets blow long and the sound waxes louder and louder. If you read Twitter, you can hear the sound of the Trumpets blowing.

The Jews keep the command of a literal blowing of a shofar because the law rests on them. They can’t do anything else. It’s all they know how to do. It was by design. It is not an accident and they are no more stupid than you are.

The physical walk that Israel took in the Old Testament is a mirror of the spiritual walk we are taking today.

There is a literal blowing of trumpets taking place next month. Do I believe Jesus will return and call His people up next month? Idk, but His Word promises He will take us out of His wrath so I do believe He is coming soon.

I assume there is more coming.

I assume you are still breathing.

With judgement.

Dan, if you don’t understand the post, you shouldn’t pre-judge the comment as judgement.
Have a nice day!

How did your sister-in-law betray you?

I didn’t read the post.

If there is something you want to say to me, please say it now.

She got hooked on meth and began smoking with my son.

Oh wow. How old was your son, if I may ask?

He was 18.

Was he able get off of it?


How old is he now?


This is a very bad story. Do you still have a relationship with him?

It’s complicated but yes.

He goes to court the 20th. He has 2 boys, a step son and a daughter on the way in two weeks. No job. No money.

Felony count?

I don’t know.