You 2 trade off…


Michele, we don’t trade off, nobody is conspiring against you, Obama was born in Hawaii, there was no pedophile ring operating out of a pizza parlour, and the deep state doesn’t exist.

9/11 was an inside job, though, if that makes you feel any better. :slight_smile:


Kind of funny what people think should dq the President. Flake doesn’t think he should of been allowed to run in the first place because of the birther agenda. I would think being a racist would be a bigger reason to DQ someone from being a president, but Flake was obsessed with that. Reagan was a racist and most people didn’t seem to have a problem with that. I think we are still less racist than we used to be. I don’t think Reagan would have a high approval rating nowadays, but would be higher than the last two republicans.


I do not care where Obama was born.
What about Epstein Island?
If the deep state doesn’t exist it’s because Trump dismantled it.
Of all things you could have said that you do not believe, why this? And if you can’t believe this is happening, why would you try to make me believe something else will happen?

Trump is one step ahead of them.


I really learn a lot here. I’ve never seen fanaticism this close up. Thank you for that.


You never will learn about it as long as you deny it exists.


4 people lose their jobs and that’s not a clue?




I love it when you do what you do best.




When I think about how underhanded the Left is, I can’t help but question how they will turn something so perverted as child trafficking that they have been doing and twist it until it becomes sexual servitude ordered by President of the United States Donald Trump.


Hollywood’s timing of The Handmaids Tale was really very perfect and most convenient for the Left.


I also find it a little warped when someone tells me they don’t do much beyond reading these days and yet he does have one special show he likes to watch.


The girl on the platter…


I happened on that in a place called the dark web


It was from Anthony Weiners computer


And no, I can’t prove it.


I started to take a picture of it but she had a thermometer in her vagina and I didn’t want my granddaughters to see it.


I also can’t prove that Clinton was trafficking Haitian children into Epstein Island.