Yes, I read the post….

…Which begs the question, why would you even mention such a thing if you don’t like going there? You are right though. You made a promise and you will have to keep it. You can always do what Dusty does and tell her you will take her “next year.” You probably shouldn’t do that many times, lest she go without you.

Awesome. We should send all willing workers.

Right and he will lose now for doing that.

Looks like ir could turn into a legal issue.

I guess you have to have a membership to participate.
If Trump doesn’t or can’t run, I’m voting for DeSantis. Win-win.

Trump is taunting the FBI.

This may be why he made the outlandish claim that you can think a document classified and it is so.

How do you hide a conspiracy to affect the presidential election? You label the conspirator a confidential human source and make us pay for it.

Speaking of paying for it, the Biden Administration and more specifically, the Democratic Party as a whole, a long standing supporter of blue-collar workers, has estimated the bill to pay $10,000 debt of future white-collar workers is estimated to be 400 billion dollars.
The good news, oil prices are dropping but gas prices are rising, to help offset the hike in interest rates, I guess.
I doubt anyone here can explain the logic behind it all.


Gas prices are rising?

They are here in Vancouver, which makes no sense at all with oil prices falling.

Interesting. They are still dropping here. Maybe they’ll go up next week.

Looks like Trump called DeSantis a fat phony. This is going to be like 2016 again.

The irony of Trump calling anyone a fat phony will be lost on most Republicans, too.

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Trump has a poor history of paying lawyers. The new ones are asking for money up front.

He has the civil case in new york which could cost him a billion dollars if he loses, january 6th, the georgia vote, and the mara lago document scandal. And others. I think Michael Cohen is doing something, too.


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I hope he goes bankrupt before he dies. In fact, I hope he lives a long time bankrupt.

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It’s a start.