What is your daily routine. I understand cow washing is probably a big part but what else. BTW I dont drink or smoke pot before 4 pm


Up until about 3 months ago, every day was different.


I used to work in our family business. A NAPA part store.


I help sick people c


I trade by day


As a hobby lol


Keeps me out of Winstar


what is winstar?


I haven’t been to the part store or many other places in the last 3 months c


It is the worlds largest casino and it is in my back door.


uh oh


Uh oh is right


I was lucky. I never got that bug. Plenty of others but not that one.


It’s expensive and an addiction like that can do a great deal of damage


I once walked in with 3000 and blacked a machine out 11 times totallying over 21,000.00


When I left I had 1000 in my pocket.


The only reason I had that money is because it was 7 am and I was exhausted.


I’ll tell you one more that will turn your stomach for my husband. I dealt him hell.


I once went in with 3000 and took another 7 from the atm.


I guess what counts is win/loss over time eh?