Is that what drive you to such fiery jealousy baby?

Are you upset Silky?

No I’m doing some exercises.
Are they upsetting you see saw?

Why when I’m just a paycheck to you? did you see my tears?

Want to try to slap my face? If you connect you’ll break your hand guaranteed. People have broken all 8 fingers minus thumbs.
Can’t even go for your gun then.

Then of course I’ll want to be gentle and affectionate.

But why? Do they seem effeminate to you? Do you make adjustments like that to people’s appearance on a whim?

What a powerful and terrifying man! Fear the wrath of such a King!

92 days until the US election and there’s hardly any coverage. COVID is killing campaigning, which I assume is the reason. It’s very weird to see. I expected this to be the most hotly contested election of my life.

We have been naughty and are in need of lovely correction by President Trump!

The mask shall fall and it will fall as on August 1st in Berlin!!

Are you hoping he’ll give you a spanking, Daniel?

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Can there really be enough idiots to reelect trump? What a depressing thought.

It’s looking promising but I said that four years ago. I’m hoping Americans don’t relax because of the polls. I’m also convinced that a lot of people are lying when pollsters call because they’re ashamed to admit they’re voting for Trump (as they should be) so they say they’re undecided or voting Biden.

Biden doesn’t seem like he has to do much. Trump is missing the cult hysteria. Joe probably doesn’t need to do much. I wonder if they will even have a debate. The news loves Biden and now fox news doesn’t even like trump. Imagine those two buffoons debating. I can’t picture joe talking for 45 minutes. At least he only needed to talk for 10 minutes in the primaries.

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I think Joe’s sleepy response was good against Bernie and Trump is happy Bernie is out.

Joe has a massive headache beyond the normal limits of an average human being. He could pass that anytime, but he doesn’t. The headache is global problems on his mind. Trump knows Joe can pass it to him.

Probably both are true.

Looks like Trump wished Maxwell well again today. I wonder if she went to his inauguration.