Trump forever?


As I read it, you have to believe on his name first.


Ok, I believe on his name.


Great. We’re both good to go.


Yep. Ready any time.


:joy:I can’t stop laughing :joy: That was such a sweet exchange between you two.

You are right, Will. The price has been paid and your gift of salvation has been secured by His sacrifice.

Unfortunately, God can be a hardass and He says if you want His gift you must do the unthinkable, and really for some, the impossible, and ASK Him for it. It’s a humbling thing to approach God and ask for something that you know you don’t deserve but He will not have it any other way.

Your measure of faith is showing. You should probably run hide it lest someone think you are a truthful person.


Where in the Bible does it say you have to ask? John 3 says that you just need to believe on his name.


I don’t know where it is, Reg. It’s part of the sinners prayer in asking for forgiveness.


So I had to go look and found that the Bible doesn’t say you have to “ask forgiveness.” It says you must “repent.” In repenting, if one truly feels remorseful because of sin such as lying against the truth, one would ask to be forgiven.

If the Bible says we are all given a measure of faith and you deny God exists or that Jesus is Truth, you’re lying against the truth and calling me a liar because I profess that God gave me a measure of faith.


But I do honestly repent of all my sins, and there have been plenty of them. I just don’t agree with the Bible about what sins are.


You are lying!


Impolite. You’re just mad because Will and I are saved.

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Please join us in our redemption sister.


This was funny and entertaining, for a moment. Unfortunately, the first word from your lips to your fingers was a typical leftist response when cornered with the truth.

Be flattered! I could have called you a joke.


That must have really stung Michele. You can’t seem to let it go.


Not at all, Will. It’s just that it was so…impolite.