True believer




All this talk about your hometown makes me want a smoke. BBS


Imagine that! And look, it’s not even 4 pm yet.


Not that kinda smoke. Nobody Smokesmore than me!


Well you keep spelling my name “idiot”, so you’re not so smart either.


You’re right. I totally forgot to capitalize your I, Idiot!


You titled yourself.


Well, I guess I could say your English usage is getting better, but I won’t. Good one though. So what’s all this about Smokesmore?


If you can’t remember , Smokesmore!


Oh. Hardy har har. Here I was trying to find it on the map.






Ok. Gotta go for a while. Been fun.


It’s been nice for a change.


See ya!


He’s a registered Republican. That crap about him being a lifelong democrat appears to be fake news. I can’t find any corroboration of that anywhere at all, and he was a Trump supporter from the beginning of Trump’s run for office.


Oh well if YOU say so it must be so!


Actually, you’re the one making the assertion that he’s a lifelong democrat. To this end, you have posted one internet meme. Where is your proof of your assertion?


If I knew the answer, I would not have asked the question.


Fair enough. The only facts known at this point are that he has been a Trump supporter from day one and he registered as a Republican for the 2016 election. There is no evidence at this point that he was ever a Democrat.