True believer


What proof can you offer for his political affiliation, Sherlock?


I have no proof other than what’s been reported there Watson.


I wish I could shoot from my backyard.


It is a nice advantage to country life.


I wasn’t shooting from the yard tho.


Do you have neighbors close by?


Yeah. Small patch of woods behind me but I am in the city limits. In the county I could shoot.


What do you shoot with?


9mm, .223, 12ga. You?


.22 and .9mm


I don’t Ike the 9mm. It’s loud with a kick


Yeah, thinking about a Ruger 10/22. Had on once but gave it to my daughter. Maybe the target barrel.


I have a Beretta, very smooth.


Mine is a Rugar and it is much more accurate than the .22


Anything beyond a .22 is going to kick too hard.


I like Ruger. Had a .357 but gave it to my son. His GF is learning to shoot and she is getting pretty good with it shooting .38


Hubby laughs at me and says I just need to get a grip.


Ha! Maybe you do.


I think I’ve told your before to get a grip.


I own a .357. I never shoot it tho. It would probably knock me into next week.