Torah cycle annotations

Concerning Troah portion #13

Shalom Shabat, folx!
I am sure all of you are following a torah cycle of an outlet of jewr choice just as closely as I do.
So, this shabat we reached position 13 of the weekly cycle hence we read the beginning of 2nd Mose (Exodus).
I detected a waterproof evidence that my theory of my favorite line in the bible (Isaiah 58,7: “help jewr needy neighbours because they’re of jewr blood”) and other references Jesus made of “loving jewr neighbour” being racial references.
If one person is able to detect RACIAL stuff, then it’s me. So let’s take off Daniel’s Hitlervision® for a moment and put on SJW-vision glasses. Hahaha

Equality Person 1 sees some injustice and murders another Equality Person 2.
Equality Person 1 then sees Equality Person 3 and 4 arguing over some minor issues and says to them: “Hey, don’t fight! We are all brethren! If you do so you sin against jewr brother. Instead you should love jewr neighbour!”
Equality Person 3 answers: “who are you to say so? Aren’t you the murderer of Equality Person 2?”

As you can see, reading the bible in SJW-vision makes no sense at all.
Persons 3 and 4 clearly have moral standing-ground over Person 1. Yet still, the bible clearly favors Person 1 and displays this person to have moral standing ground over Persons 3 & 4, hence continuing to tell Person 1’s story, not the story of Persons 3 & 4.

Well, Person 1 happened to be Mose and god is clearly in favor of him, not of Persons 3 & 4. We don’t even know their names.
Also, Jesus references to the teachings of Mose, NOT of Persons 3 & 4’s teachings.
So, whenever You read the bible, please be sure to always put on Dannyboy’s Hitlervision®TM, not SJW-vision, to not miss those “völkisch” insights!