The Thinki conundrum

Thinki has entered and posted under two different names only to be rebuffed by the awful regime of Reg’s technological gulag. We are better than that BBAD. We must suppport our brother in disruption. Let us send Dutch cheese to Reg and keep sending Dutch cheese to Reg till he sees that we will not bow to tyranny. EDAM! EDAM! EDAM! We are the EDAM WRITERS!

I support Wills campaign to assure that thinki will be heard. We may not like what he has to say (God knows I often don’t) but he should have the same rights as we do. It is in that spirit that I demand Reg provide an address to which this cheese can be delivered. This is NOT a request. Time is of the essence!

I too support Wills campaign to free Thinki. Give us an address.

Could you make it gouda? I’d provide an address if it’s gouda.

(((Reg))) Will is stirring the masses with his protests. He has also leaked previously classified information. He should be subject to Thinki’s Conundrun for a minimum of 3 days. Fair is fair.

This infers whatever information you’re talking about has been declassified. Do tell. What “previously classified information” did I leak? State your case (((Michele))) or shut up.

Don’t tell me to shut up It makes you sound meaner than you are. Brb…

Nuh! There!

Lol. Is that the classified info?

I beg your pardon. It’s a sensitive topic for me.

No need to beg. You have been pardoned.

It is and you need jail time for it. I’m going to lobby Reg. thinki is a newcomer again. He deserves to be welcomed home before you suck the life from his soul.

Now who’s stirring the pot?

:sunglasses: What? I’m trying to read this article Reg posted on Gislaine Maxwell or israel. I’m not sure which story is more important. Both seem kind of disturbing.

I have a new campaign in support of Thinki to kick off soon.

Yeah? What’s that?

Stay tuned. I’m having my staff write it up now.

Lol your staff?

I think I’ll go smoke.

Gouda do! Gouda do!
let thinki in or we’ll send cheese to you!

Gouda do! Gouda do!
We’ll cut the cheese in front of you!

Gouda do! Gouda don’t!
A boycott now is not what you want.

Where would you like your cheese Reg?

lol ok this topic somewhat compensates for the new user of the month badge i received…

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