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The part I don’t like about lawsuits is the whole “my relative died so I now win the lottery” thing. It’s sick.


Another factor that comes into play is that healthcare is now corporate. Incompetent Doctors and staff are shielded by the corporation. Not every case is a $60 million case, but a regular working stiff stands no chance against the legal power that corporate healthcare protects itself with. There ARE legitimate cases of malpractice that get silenced.


“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Source disputed




Do you think he can get mars to pay for it?


Whatever happened to “Star Wars”? Sounds like the same thing.


They have learned to cloak their misdeeds as a “national security” issue.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I go about my daily business not in fear of any of the bogeymen they are “protecting” us from.


Someone should tell him we have this thing called the “air force.”


Paul Ryan is done. Good riddance.

He was a poor decision on Romney’s part. Probably would not have mattered, though.


Worst December since the great depression.


I think Trump picked a bunch of unnecessary fights and the markets reacted. What is your take.