The rhythm is gonna get ya

i don’t think gloria estafan would have lied about something like that
do you?

they say we are all slaves to the machine but there is a sound in miami that changed her mind

Sound like a useless song.

Sounds to me like a chili pepper extracted from chili-pepper-land.
I don’t take kindly to that.

This kind of music to me sounds a little too much like taco-flavored kisses.

it’s possible the four-bit machines used on the apollo missions were five-bit machines
the fifth bit some kind of crc error correcting blah
but i read that they were four-bit machines
that information is prolly hidden in a book somewhere



i haven’t been reading much news lately
but from the little i do read i gather that:
biden slapped the woman his son married
his son let the air out of biden’s tires by running it over a curve
biden raised a pussy for a son
some thingie gonna land on mars tomorrow or crash
did i miss anything?

Biden Biden Biden.

i see the senator from the great state of no electricity has called for an investigation into the mysterious deaths of old people in facilities in new york whose purpose is housing old people while they wait to die
some people say his wife is ugly

you don’t want to be in a hospital with a morphine drip and friends at bedside
it usually doesn’t end well
neither do you want your trip to cancun to be top-of-page on google news