Do you like Toronto? I assume it is expensive. (I know you live in Vancouver).

If I ever leave the country, I’m just researching where.

I don’t care about the cold.

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I do like Toronto. There’s a lot to see. Some amazing museums if you’re into that. Roy Thompson Hall has Canada’s best symphony. The Art Gallery of Ontario is one of the best in the world, although not at the level of the Louvre or the best in Europe. Downtown is highly walkable and has a pretty waterfront. Definitely worth the trip imho. If you rent a car, Niagara Falls is only 90 min away.

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I have been to niagara falls.

I’m surprised Lola isn’t the POM.

I already spend too much time worrying about Lola. You did it better. Have more than one. Then it’s less of a thing when one is sick. As long as your wife will look after them. We have a robot to feed her and a robot to clean her bathroom but she still takes up a huge part of Isa’s day.

I have never been to Niagara Falls ;(

Or to Europe. I hope to someday though.

Harvest season in India.

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Tough job. High suicide rate.


Nobody likes my pasta. I hate you all.

Haha. Maybe if it was a pizza. I ate tiramisu today, but I make a terrible Italian.

Perhaps an image of the carbohydrates would add color to your POM?

It’s lavender season across much of the world.

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