What a slob. Too many hamberders.

Yes to the second one! Even the Marine is shielding his eyes.

I can’t look at that without thinking of the price Melania pays for her comfy life. She gets to taste that butt grease now and then. Too high a price for me, but she chose her path.

Do you really think she allows him to touch her? I don’t.

She did. They have a child together. I have no idea what their current arrangement is, although I’ve read they have separate bedrooms in the White House.

Oh, hey Reg. I see you’ve drug out the dusty old photo alb…oh I’m sorry. That’s Trump in those photos. I thought you were taking a trip down memory lane. My bad!

I love this POM. And I see it’s a perfect fit. Thanks you, Reggie.

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Yes. It is. Hahahahahaha. What a pig,

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Pig? Are you implying he’s stolen your aftershave?

No. I am calling him a pig.

I’m calling it a night. You seem angrier than your normal stuffy self.

He is a pig in every way. He’s a pig socially, with no concept of manners or dignity. He’s a fat pig by any standard physically. He’s a pig with women and only gets laid by prostitutes. And he’s a pig for the way he treats others. Others have done more harm but I can’t think of anyone with fewer redeeming personal qualities. The quintessential pig.

No one is more qualified to speak in the subject of swine than you dear.

Your disparaging remarks are reflective of your own unflattering manners bringing your dignity into question.

Having been fat yourself in the past and having probably already gained a couple of pounds since you’ve been home, don’t forget, the struggle is real and so is karma.

So are you.

How do you know such personal information about his love life? Are you spying on him or making it up as you go along?

True but why break with the dramatic lying now?

I can.

And yet, you are the one doing all the mudslinging.
No one rants about others they perceive to be below themselves quite they way you do.

And he’s losing.

And it’s a bitch. And so is Trump.

This is particularly laughable given your obese leader’s hysterical nightly ranting on Twitter.

Oh. You mean the ranting about collusion between the corrupt Obama administration, the intelligence community and the media that you so passionately support? That ranting?

They just can’t get over Obama.

Actually, we can’t get over Obama colluding with Clinton.

Really? I wasn’t aware of that fake news.

If you weren’t so brainwashed you would know that it’s not being reported because it’s not fake news.

I truly pity you.