The New Zealand shooting 2019 - a plot?

Ok, new developements in Austria of all places.
Right-wing, yet still pro-(((liberal democracy))) Identitarian movement got busted for … WTF… for receiving a donation years ago from the shooter.

Now stick with me, lets put it together.

  1. Shooter writes a manifesto stating that he is going to try to provoke reactionary action on patriot/right-wing movements that will eventually lead to govs overreaching themselves thereby causing counterreactions and blow-back. *

  2. Shooter plans a shooting

  3. Shooter donates a huge amount of money with his plain name to a hip right-wing group with 1) and 2) in his mind

  4. Shooting takes place

  5. Receipient’ organization of the shooter’s donation gets busted AS being BLUE-PRINTED in the manifesto. Mass media and gov act according to plot.

Tell me Christchurch hadn’t been covert action.
I told it right after getting the note…

*Source (German):

Given that you appear to think every mass shooting is a government false flag conspiracy, this interpretation comes as no surprise.

Well is that so?
Would you elaborate why a supposedly anti-immigrant anti-muslim shooter would be hanging around in Pakistan blessing their islamic government?

I don’t know. The NYT says he was a troll. The fact is he livestreamed himself killing these people and the video is all over the net. He left a manifesto explaining his reasons. If you’re not convinced by that, nothing will ever convince you.

…a white nationalist “trolling” the Pakis, North Koreans and mosques.

thats a good one!
Considering possible encarcellation during his visits to Pakistan and North Korea for too much quote-unquote “die-hard trolling” and also in New Zealand for extreme “islamic peace-truck driving”, this guy even out-trolled 4chan, bbad and 8chan!!!

Tarrant might possibly be considered “king troll” (as opposed to king Trump)

How do you explain the video of him doing this, Daniel?

I’ll read the whole manifesto soon and reply afterwards…

But I think I can say in advance that I like the city of Orlando more than Christchurch and the Ted Kaczynky Manifesto will not be surpassed by his…

They did another one. No word on who the attacker was.

Bloody hell, looks like it’s ISIS.