The Man Who Shut Down The DHS During Border Crisis

Kirstjen Nielsen
Department of Homeland Security


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The DHS said it is aiming to create a council, which was mainly white men, that better reflects US diversity

They called Trump a racist but fired men because of their color. This party reeks of hypocrisy.

There’s nothing at all hypocritical about it. This council has 32 people, most of whom were white men, in a country where white men represent less than a quarter of the population. It makes sense to disband it and start over.

I fully expect this admin to disband Republicans and replace them with people more suited to the position, but over time, not all at once and not to replace them all with white men after crying racism for 4 years.
He fired black men in order to replace them with white men. That’s hypocrisy, but whatever.
He also fired white republicans in order to replace with amoral Democrats but this is expected. Their reputation precedes them.

he needs to dump all trump appointees at every level.

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I hope you’re correct.

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The Trump administration replaced Obama-era appointees. I don’t think he did it in a day though and not in the middle of a border crisis.

at least trump is gone.

Okay, I’m sorry.

thank you. Me too.

Amen to that. the key words being " more suited to the position".