"The Levanah/Lebanah theory" (messianic Christian)

…salvaged from the old bbad forum.

I want to announce that from now on, the heathen feast of “Christmas” has a completely new meaning to me.

  • As the Jehova’s witnesses and Twelve Tribes, I consider my birthday as self-worshipping cult, un-biblical and completely useless. I don’t engage in any form of celebration and refuse congrats apart from when calling my lifegiving mother.

However, I see Christmas in a totally new light. Yes, the heathen Christmas around winter solstice/ midwinter which according to messianic bible observers is the wrong date of Jeshuah’s birthday. Messianism, Jehova’s witnesses and Twelve Tribes (amongst other christian branches) don’t observe it, let alone celebrate it.
However, I consider it to be worthwile both observing and celebrating it from now on because of this:

  • first: one thinks about Jeshuah. This can never ever be wrong.

SECOND, and now hold tight:
Do You know the concept of the hebrew name of “LEBANAH”? I love this name! If I ever have another daughter, I will name her that way.
Lebanah means, “the moon”, “SHE who reflects HIS light in pitchdark night”. It refers to a woman that is true to g’d even when she herself cannot see him because of the darkness all around her. Still, others can see god through her, because she is reflecting his light by obeying him and answering to his call.
According to the bible we are living in the age of the night between the 6th day and the 7th day (return of Messiah). That is why 7th day adventist are calling themself that way - we are awaiting the 7th day. A day herein symbolizes 1000 years which goes well along with the 7000 total years planned for mankind on earth by our creator.

We are living in the pitch dark night between the two days at this very moment. The only light we see is from those Lebanahs/ the moon since the sun is invisible now. We only know it is there. And a moment of joy even within this pitchdark night might be when the clock will be hitting 00:00:00, when the daylight of the next day is already closer than the daylight of the old day that passed away and a person awaiting the next day might as well jump for joy.
The same as on 21st of December (northern hemisphere). It is the very day, when the darkening stops and the light is coming back. It won’t get any darker. At first, it is merely unnotable, but then becomes unstoppable like the rock in the book of Daniel, the great prophet :wink:

So, I hope it is OK with You that I celebrate this feast which is even compatible with every Abrahamic religion awaiting messiah cults plus norse pagan religion, since they celebrate this, too.

Christmas is the symbol of a point in time when the downward spiral towards eternal death through a babylonial system stopped and the day of messiah’s return is already closer than the memories of the last time of our people living righteous and god fearing. What a great image…

Trump most certainly is not the messiah, but what if TRUMP is another symbol of this point of return? The point in time, when the babylonial system’s globalist power reached its peak and soon will be overreaching itself and rolling back when Soros finally dies.
Oh boy, we might be living close to a millenial 00:00:00 folks!!!

In Lima, Peru, (an already LOUD and dirty city day in day out) Christmas is the loudest day of the year, even louder than new years eve.
With my new interpretation detailed above, I can understand them much better now.
I do not encourage useless usage of fireworks, but Christmas should be a day of joy because it is symbolic for messiah’s SOON return IN ALL HIS MIGHT AND GLORY!

One day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as one day. 2 Peter 3:8 Just as there were 6 “days” of creation and “day” of rest, there have been 6000 years of labor and there will be a 1000 years rest and reign with Jesus, our Savior and King.

Are you a 7th Day Adventist, Daniel?

I believe you are exactly right about Trump. What symbol do you think he is?
Even tho no one has said anything to me, I feel like he’s going to have a hand in rebuilding the Temple. That’s a crazy thought, right? Yet, I can’t shake it off.

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Well, AgeOfGrace, I am still a seeker, but 7th day adventism has surely brought to live some vibrant, spiritual and health-aware communities like the Branch Davidians (if they hadn’t been mislead by the sexual slightly pervert David Koresh), Twelve Tribes (they are copying a lot).
Also, I admire the fact that main-stream 7th day adventists have the guts to build OWN schools and hospitals in Germany that adhere to THEIR standards (this is hard to do with state-controlled quasi-communist German school laws). I have much respect and love for them. And I try to obey their rules.
However, Ellen White surely did write A LOT of stuff and I cannot make it to read it all. She wrote the amount of several bibles that is. Hardcore.
Be blessed!

I thought you lived in Spain?

Was Koresh a pervert? I didn’t know that (and am too lazy to google his perversions, which is surely a sign of my old age).

Just as well. When you Google religious leaders perversions it seems like a never ending list.

Really? Do tell!

Well, according to David Thibodeau, a quite reliable source in my eyes (non defunct member till the end and not an Anti) Koresh did consider himself as “the sinful messiah” teaching his followers to stay abstinent/ in celibacy while he remarried their wifes. Which is quite unbiblical. He had several wifes, some underage, to produce an inner circle of ~24 sacred children. A defunct member then turned all Anti on him and made the feds chase the community with mostly dubious claims and actions (bogus gun laws violations) and some viable claims like engaging with pretty underage girls.

I am often in Spain, but prefer Germany due to several reasons.

Tell me your reasons. My woman and I often talk about getting a place in Spain.

Work, they are even more gliberal so no real alternative nation for me, not much to do aside from family visits for me. A country on a drip of the EU. Hardly attractive for someone like me. Food is good and people are happier on the whole but it still doesn’t convince me.

You can start with this -

Of course if you add to that all of the Catholic priests the list is considerably longer. Religious leaders are essentially salesmen.

The food is good, the people are happy, the weather is better, it has a gorgeous Mediterranean coastline, and real estate prices are sane. Sounds awful.

My favourite by far is Ted Haggard, the anti-gay preacher who was caught getting fudged by gay escorts.

I can’t stand it. Superficial view on most things. They even cannot manage “los indignados” demonstration (of the “lost generation” my age of which a whole lot of people never have been employed) running for more than 2 weeks even though youth unemployment being sky-high (compare that to Pegida running for years), let alone a straight forward nationalism or separatism.
Most of them are just “living their life”. Superficially partying. Not reading the bible, not protesting GMO crops (compare that to Germany’s mostly lefty, some righty hardcore resistance which I hail actually having accomplished the whole land (!) being GMO-crop free for over 5 years now, because of violent field destructions, and companies leaving the country), not resisting multiculturalism. Often times reading nothing at all.
Comparing the latest ball game score, yes this is a big thing though there, as well as gambling and all the other stuff a red-pilled person avoids like hell.
Gives me the creeps witnessing guys living like that.

Lots of bunny boilers and gay-friendly persons there, you’ll enjoy it, no doubt :wink:

I don’t know what happened to this once proud nation. Who cut off their balls?
My guess is on Satan due to neglecting god just like in Jeremiah.

My favourite by far is Ted Haggard, the anti-gay preacher who was caught getting fudged by gay escorts.

Didn’t he get cured?

He waffles. From Wikipedia:

In a July 2010 interview with CNN, he confirmed that he has “completely shunned away any homosexual feelings he has had in the past.” In the February 2011 issue of GQ, however, Haggard said that, “probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual.”

This may surprise you but I generally agree with you about Spain. I would hate to be young there. That said, I’m not young. I’m approaching retirement and sitting around all day on a beach on the med playing chess with passers-by sounds nice.

I guess that qualifies as cured.

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