The Godless Dutch

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The Dutch just got cut off. They should be fine with only 15% of their gas coming from Russia.

yes and no, the largest natural gasfield in europe is in the north of the netherlands… unfortunately the people that live in groningen are not too happy about drilling there

I wouldn’t care what they thought if I were Dutch. The needs of the many…

when a punk speaks of the great literature he has read,
ask the punk if star trek:the movie is what the punk means

Like every other negative thing our governments and big corporations do to us, they will get over it and learn to accept what they have no power to change.

She was simply too young to understand how cruel and cold-hearted people can really be. Especially, in todays society where anyone with a phone will forgo assisting another to record any potentially entertaining event. It shouldn’t have taken 10 years to bring one person to justice.

He had to be extradited from the land of wickedness. That takes time.

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it didnt take that long, i think he got arrested and has been in prison since 2014? and got the max of 10 years for abuse/blackmailing lots of girls and boys, he got extradited to canada in 2020

will be interesting to see how many years they can add and for how much longer he will effectively be in prison (and if it will be here or in canada)

ps that creep may legally be “a dutch national” since he has both a dutch and turkish passport, but “Aydin Çoban” is definitely of turkish origin

He’s done 80% of his time. In America, that’s time served so imho he should do the rest of his time in Canada. Personally, I don’t care where he serves his time since one prison is as isolating as another.

I don’t understand. Does that matter? Are you worried his conviction is tarnishing the good Dutch name?
The only thing I know about Turkey is that according to Revelation, the seat of Satan is there.

uhm there is quite a difference between having to live in a nicely furnitured hotel room with internet access, 3 times a day a decent meal, sports and study options etc etc like here in the netherlands or a filthy cell in quantanamo bay…

lol not really since our “good dutch name” has been permanently and forever tarnished when we ruled the world and became rich via slavery and plundering

its just interesting to me that all the news talks about is this evil dutch guy while he is at least as much a turk as a dutchie

thats all fake nonsense news
but it should interest you that sinterklaas was born in present day turkey!

This is because the Dutch are known to be wicked deviants.

you and the internet watch foundation say so, it must be true! lol

while we do have some privacy laws still, if you want to host that kind of illegal crap, you are much better off with any east european company (including from ukraine) or any of our scandinavian neighbours if you want something more trustworthy

But Nico, you support people’s right to publish that illegal crap don’t you? Isn’t child porn free speech in your twisted mind? Not making it, but distributing it and having it?




making/storing/distributing child porn has nothing to do with freedom of speech and is never ok in my book