The Future

I didn’t really understand what Huawei was a while back. What they did and how it could impact our own economy and security. I just thought they built phones. I see now a deal with them could be disastrous for us. I do love the idea of 5G and don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t want 5G but not at the expense of being spied on. The perfect scenario would be a contract between Huawei and NIO, banned in the USA until the security of our nation is sealed. My stock would soar and I would be h.a.p.p.y.

The only question is whether you’re spied on by US companies like Cisco or Chinese companies like Huawei. I don’t personally care who spies on me.

Neither do I, Reg but then you and I aren’t harboring classified documents the enemy can use to attack our countries.

I am personally no more concerned about the misuse of classified information by the obviously corrupt US government than by the obviously corrupt Chinese government.

Don’t forget the corrupt Canadian government.

The Canadian government is no better than either the US or Chinese government, but it has relatively little power and therefore we need not fear it as much.

Well sure, it is inadequate in power but that’s no reason to downplay the seriousness of an assault upon such a beautiful country.

It’s also doubling pay for all its employees for one month.

Apparently the future is not 5G by Huawei in Canada.

The future in cleaning and shopping.