The Coup

Turn on your tv and see what trump hath wrought in DC. Armed standoff at the door of the House. Fucking assholes.

geez, how did they manage to do that? luckily i dont see anyone armed or violence happening

guess the army is on their way to clear them out?

I hope so.

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A mob of idiots supporting a moron.

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Now is the time to take trump to jail.

where is Michele? where is Ben?

unbelievable and yet again very fitting for trumps last days as a president… what a country lol

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It’s all on trumps head. what a country indeed.


cops moving in now.

are we great now?

reg wanted more exciting news, reg is getting it

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I feel like Republicans were just saying how poorly Democrats acted during the George floyd protests and how great they acted after trump lost. I guess they were wrong.

Were those rioters wearing masks?

Just kidding. They should be punished with a vaccine.

they should have a trump flag shoved up their ass.

It can say “make America gay again.”

They are probably all homophobic assholes.

Nancy Pelosi has had her home vandalized and office broken into in just a few days.

there were good people on both sides