The broken and useless right wing

The only thing the republicans have to offer is obstruction and culture war. Who needs 'em.

To see where we’re headed look at Myanmar

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goddamn republicans


Notice the CNN feed and PBS mention nothing the 82 killed in comparison to the other 4 international feeds which do.

82 killed where, Mark?

EDIT: I googled. Myanmar. Interesting.

To see where we are headed, look at the Biden Administration’s stance on Myanmar.

they are controlling the weather on jupiter
you guessed right
space lasers!

I wish they could control the wind from Uranus.

Uh-oh, you heard Em.

More BS from Q?

You won’t provide it.

You’re right. I don’t provide BS. That’s your area of expertise.

Floods in Germany or not BS.

And you say these are man made?

Yes to flood tunnels

Are you saying we don’t have the technology to do that?

Now I have to ignore you.

I answered your question can’t you answer mine

Now you are on ignore.