The bible's commands concerning taking care of your patients

Again, I am having some serious bible-trouble. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate honest answers in this time of troubles and hardship.

Jeshua’s commands given to disciples concerning supporting one’s parents are confusing to me.

Imagine an unbelieving parent (not wanting to follow Jeshua) in need of care soon and Jeshua asking You to follow him and to leave everything behind.
I give You some quotes from Mt/Mk this time:

Mt 10:35-37

I have come to separate mankind (also within families)
He who loves his parents more than me cannot be my disciple

Mt 15:4
Mt 19:19

Honour your father and your mother

Mk 17:10

Honour your father and your mother
But YOU (children of Satan) say, if a man says to his father or mother: “whatever You might be profited from me is Corban - a donation to god” (giving away money and manpower to a religious purpose to the detriment of one’s parents)

Mt 8:21-22

…Now a different one of his [freshly joined] disciples said to Jesus: "Lord, permit me first to go away and take care of my father’s funeral.
But Jesus said to him: “Follow me! And leave the dead to bury their own dead” (leave unbelieving parents behind)

more quotes on topic:

Mt 4:21-22

And having advanced from there, he saw two other brothers, James and John, sons of Zebedee, in the ship with their father, mending their nets. And he called them.
Now immediately they followed him having left the ship and their father

(to do the work himself. Poor father. He had 100% man power, now he is left with barely 30%)

Knowing what’s happening today, if you thought your parents felt differently than you, would you continue your fight against globalist or surrender your belief in favor of keeping peace with your parents?

Good point, Michelle. I am not sober anymore today, but I will answer this. The whole situation is getting to me.
What I learned about Christianity and Jesus is that while seeming to be a lightweight religion (once a week church and X-mas, fasting before easter if you like) for an outsider, a person of zero knowledge like myself as a young lad, it is the most hard-core and demanding thing there is if you really follow him.

That means, I can e.g. “fight globalism” from my mother’s basement / father’s shack/ my wife etc. I can donate, I can go to demonstrations, be active in a party, organize and do letter drives, propagate against vaccines and pro cash while still being able to maintain a job with proper income and do all of this with the occasional compromise here and there.

However, following Jeshuah as a disciple is nothing like that - it means basically giving up your life - your entire being, your ability to provide for your family, your name, your social security, your health insurance. I am counting the cost. And the cost is f’cking high. Still, my love for Jeshua grows each single day while my love for this world is rapidly shrinking and the love for my parents is at best constant.

Also, I am seeking the RIGHT way, YHWHs way, not my way. Not my opinion matters. HIS will shall be done. What would he want given the bible exerpts I posted? Please, in the name of Jeshua, SHOW ME THE WAY AND LEAD ME YHWH!!! I am becoming more desperate with each passing day of pharma-fascist “new normality”.
I want to comply with his law.

Are you getting drunk every night, now, Daniel?

No, not true. But when I do I tend to post on bbad, because of the flow it gives you temporarily.

PLEASE Reg, answer to this question about the thing of taking care of parents VS. following hard-core.
What is the right thing to do in YHWH’s will, if you see it in a group and have dreams???
You are a person of great knowledge event htough you don’t see it yet, which is weird, but I accept it.
I took note of your posting about Miriam and now I am eager to listen to you again!
Mal-Asian wisdom matters!

Gee, if you can realistically live that way, you don’t need Christ. You saved yourself.

And what does his Law say but to love God with all your heart soul and mind and also to love your neighbor as yourself?

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You have to do it in a community though. A sect if you will. The most “liberal” being a thing like Bruderhof

You can’t do what people can’t handle. That’s too deep for here.

I will answer you, but I make no pretenses about wisdom. I was going to quote Genesis 2:24 about leaving your parents and finding a wife, but I don’t seek truth in the Bible so I’m not going to permit myself that crutch.

You owe your parents respect. You would not exist without them. You owe them protection in my opinion, although modern society is so degraded as to think it’s fine for children to let their parents starve. That doesn’t mean you have to do that. Support them financially if they need it. Try to visit them. Stay in contact with them often, at least by phone. Make sure they know they can call you if they need help. Do not forsake them.

That’s it. Nothing more. Be your own man, now. It’s your life. Live it. Try to do so with style and grace if you can, but unto thine own self be true.

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i wouldn’t exist without nitrogen
should i respect nitrogen?

Yes. Oxygen, too. And water (or maybe just hydrogen, which along with respect for oxygen will get you respect for water).

I am desperate and confused so I needed an answer like this. Like a pressure relief. I hope this is also HIS will but you proved worthy and wise at the Miriam issue, and I think this was a warm-up to this answer. I will chew on this and re-read the quotes in the bible targetting this problem seemingly to in a contradictive manner. But I am a learner. I need more wisdom still and he is using bbad as a tool. I feel this.

Reg is right and I was close minded on things. It might be targetting the oral law (and the organized cast of priests benefiting from such an “override” of YHWH’s law!) and not the donation itself at all

That was lovely, Shakespeare. Except you left something out.

Jesus told them what was in their heart.

The Pharisees were teaching that money used for tithing was holy and set apart for God. Using it to honor parents dishonored God but Jesus said they honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. That’s how deceptive they are. They make rules that benefit themselves and attempt to pass them off as Gods Law, when in truth, if that’s all they had and their parents were in need, using tithes to honor Mother and Father is, in fact, honoring God.

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