That Weird Thing You Can Do That Others Can’t

What is it?



What is YOUR wierd thing Michele.

Every now and then, someone will revive an old thread and I’ll see some Bill Lowerre litter from his many meltdowns. An odd fellow. Very troubled. He fit in decently at first but grew to very much resent this place. I hope he’s well.

Yeah I thought about him too. Due to his behavior I don’t miss him at all.

No, I don’t miss him either. He should stay away. I won’t bother him if he returns but I don’t think he should. This place is not good for him.

I don’t miss him either. Having comedic skills means nothing if you spend all your time trying desperately to make people see how smart you are and he clearly was that.

I can touch my nose with my tongue lol.

impressive :wink:

oh wait i can do that too! (if i first cut off either one or both of them)

I don’t miss him either. He added nothing for the last 2 months. Maybe living in Maine ruined him.

We should put his first week of fun posts on continuous replay.