Summer Con 2022

I got to meet William Shatner and get his autograph twice. He didn’t allow photography.

I also met Ryan Hurst, Sean Gunn and Steve Agee, Bill Farmer, Steve Oppenheimer, and three peiple from the Halo Franchise.

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Cool! Why didn’t Shatner allow photography?

I hate all the new Star Treks.

dont know any of those people besides kirk but it looks like you had fun :wink:

you should try a couple episodes of startrek strange new worlds… if you can manage to ignore the flashy intro and visuals and overlook the wrong captain and fake spock its actually a lot like the original series :wink:

That’s a lot of overlooking needed.


I don’t know why not. There were people raising their phones and his aides and the staff members were very quick to tell people to stop, that he doesn’t allow photos.

It was so neat to see so many people in one place like that.

That’s way too diva for my tastes.

Probably his best acting job. The look of wtf as she is slowly progressing through her answer.

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tv guide
but for smart people

This is my favourite one. It’s not even fake.

Oh my. Hmm. Well. That’s one way to answer that question lol