Stock market

The market has been in a steady decline since October 16, losing roughly 4000 points. Don’t any of you brainiacs know why? I know Trump has a lot of power and influence but if you THINK outside the proverbial Trump box, you must know something bigger than his mouth is taking place.
Is it possible that it could go to zero? :no_mouth:
I wonder if the Federal Reserve will raise rates again soon. :thinking:

No, I think this is all Trump.

Have you all been watching Dogecoin? lol it went from a nickel to .45 cents. I secured 24,000 last week and 10,000 over the weekend.

Rule 1. Never trade after you go to bed. I bought in last night, fell asleep and woke up 3k lighter.

Back during the Trump Administration, I was told that in the future we were going to change the way we make money, that electricity would be free and that high speed internet would reach rural areas, globally. I remember wondering how that would be possible.