She’s probably innocent. The lesson here is “don’t obsess over stupid things like how fast you can run”. Eventually, that will come back to bite you in the rear end.

Sorry, but I have to answer to this.
First, I didn’t want to, but You provoked it.
Presenting German Bodybuilder Rühl (of the pro Steriod fraction :wink: )

Kids!!! Don’t take steriods!!!
They’ll make you upset your stomach!

She said she got the steroids in a burrito.

This sounds ridiculous on the surface but…

"WADA agreed that test proved that there was no build up of this substance in my body, which there would have been if I were taking it regularly.

I don’t know. I don’t care. She’s another privileged athlete who thinks her stupid sport is important. She will now have to settle into a life where she will sadly only make perhaps 4 times the national average as a former Olympian. And if she doesn’t get to chase her dreams for the rest of her life, well, 99.999% of the rest of us don’t either.