Spring time - everything is copulating and I want, too

If she was smart, she’d marry you. She’d have to train you to live in a civilized manner, though
Yeah, Gundy, Cum-cum cum-cum, I am available again.

Can you believe, bbaders, there are women that are, and now hold tight, “under voluntary state custody”. Hardcore. That is like being married with the state and the state will have something to say about finances and every aspect of your life. I almost dated such a woman, for my holy seed, you know it is spring time.
But when I heard of that (you cannot even leave this custody without a secular judge releasing you from this sometimes commanded, but sometimes voluntary yoke), I freaked. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind women from the nuthouse, but this is way too much for me.
I mean, I just imagined. Imagine there would be some trouble (and everywhere I go there is some trouble) and I had to deal with a judge or the person in charge. Just opening my mouth for a minute with speaking my usual stuff, maybe in a moment of anger or discontent, would maybe get MYSELF under custody…

Oh boy, Thank god spring time is over.

Damn, I neglected god lately.
I hope he forgives me.
I got the order to spread holy seed.
But now I got the order to f’in study again!

And I am thankful for this.

An educated soldier makes the enemy cowar

What are you studying? I’m trying to learn Morse code lately.

I try to read the qu’ran again. Then, I will return to the usual.

Geeze, everything from seed to nuts huh?

That’s what I did for almost 4 years in the navy. I can give you some helpful tips on learning.

Why the interest in Morse code by the way?

Cool! I’m just learning the alphabet now. I’m up to Q. Should have the alphabet down by this weekend, I think. Then I start trying to code and copy. I’m using an Android app called Morse Tutor which has been helpful. I’ll be buying a key in the coming months but I want to see if I have any talent for this first.

Why? Hell if I know. I just want to keep my brain working. I’ve found learning as much as possible keeps me going. I’ve been deep into learning Spanish lately, too.

That’s great! What they had us do in code school was every time we saw something written was to sound it out in Morse mentally. Don’t think dot-dash, think dit/dah or di dah. Q you can use the tune from here comes the bride. Dah dah di dah. For L - di dah di dit. (the L with it).

Cool! Do you still do morse, Will? The amateur bands are still alive with the stuff.

MFJ (mighty fine junk) is reasonably price for keyers. I recommend a paddle key.

I was just looking at MFJ keys! I’ll likely get one. I don’t want to spend a lot of money if I can avoid it.

I had passed the Amateur General test and passed the Extra class code test (though the code test is no longer required). Still have my gear.

makes it more fun to practice sending. In the end it always turns out you can send faster than you can receive for some reason. I worked for Naval Security Group in the mid to late sixties. No longer exists but you can google it. Same bunch that was on the USS Liberty.

Brilliant! General is still a great accomplishment. Most US amateurs I know are just techs.

In Canada we have Basic, Basic with Honours, Advanced and Morse. I have Basic with Honours and may add Morse. Advanced will have to wait until at least next year and maybe longer.

That must make the Liberty story even more galling to you, although it should gall every American. If that happened in war time against an enemy, ok, fair game. When a supposed “ally” does it to you in peacetime, it’s murder, pure and simple.

All of that is true Reg. Served with a guy for a year in the Philippines who transferred to the Liberty just in time to get killed. CT2 Jerry Lee Goss. Yeah it still pisses me off.

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What did you do?

Communications technician

Do you need your hands and fingers for that?