bill lowerre is clearly spamming this site. I think you are allowed to block him.


wait till osama finds out he can create multiple accounts to post here…


yeah thanks


Please silence the murmur.

It’s a thy will be done thing.

To quickly mark all of Bill’s spam as “read”, just click “Unread” and then “Dismiss”. Don’t click “Do not track” or you won’t see any notifications about new posts in most topics.

I guess a person doesn’t get that option with a phone.

i prefer to read all messages anyways lol

I don’t see the same thing you see. There is no dismiss button that I can click on to rid myself of all the unread messages. As with all things in my life, I can only assume I need to open and read through the threads where I can.

Did you click Unread first?


check: dismiss button is available on both pc and phone

When I click on unread, this is what I see.

You’ll have to scroll way down to see the Dismiss button.

i visit here with my kids and i find this!?
where is the mask
where is the space telecom
where is the love
where is the photoshopped woman being ridden with a pit bull in the bestiality topic

You smile like a girl.

Sorry about the spam earlier. I was out all day and missed it until just now. It’s gone.


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