Sordo! Ruido!

mi musica en castellano…not for relaxation though :wink:


You win today’s award for most accurately named topic. :slight_smile:

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Bbaders know that “freedomrider” stands for exceptionally good yet still 100% politically motivated music just like on the old forum.
So, (mainly for myself to remember), I keep equipping bbad with the icing of the cake when it comes to tunes.

Lefty: I posted this outstanding Colombian tune on the old forum, but here it is in better quality again.

Righty: …couldn’t be more current. In the European Union, we’ll need some more, MUCH MORE high tension (alta tensione) to produce some painful friction for the bureaucrats. Let em feel it. ALL WILL DANCE one day beautifully and peacefully of course haha, voluntarily or not.

Superb musical choice, I know, I know…

Learn Basque language with freedomrider:
One step - disobedience
and Basque country gains indepence
One step - disobedience
One step - disobedience

Lefty, but still separatist nationalist tune blasting all ears.

Content that is suitable for ages 13+

Boy, if I am drawn by one thing then this would be epileptic music clips, shooting left and right, insanely overdone propaganda, a weird but cool techno tune, a Return-to-castle-Wolfenstein theme, a freak show…and a nutsi-related name.

Here I found it…are you joining the Atom-waffen?

Atom waffen, I almost pooped my pants. This is so bad-ass.

Another techno clip of my youth…musically related to the prior post.

Tut tut boing boing

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You want Daniel-music? You’ll get Daniel-music!

Weird, but very good:
Corean band covering Skrewdriver’s “the showdown”. “stand up for your race and your nation, too.”
Half the audience doesn’t seem to know any bit of the lyrics…I like it though! It’s of the “rough cut” type! Go Samchung!

Your music is so hard, I have a difficult time listening to it. You must have a difficut time listening to mine also. For you!

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I think I should mention, there is no underlying message here. This is the kind of music I listen to, Danie.

Michele, you might not know this but sordo ruido (the title of this thread) means tone deaf noise in Spanish.

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I really enjoyed this “whatever it takes” one. Yes, “sordo ruido” is the kind of music I listen when going to the gym and “the showdown” surely is one of the more rough titles.
I do listen to soft and romantic music, too :wink:

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Awesome! I’d like to hear what you normally listen to. The only song I could find that comes even remotely close to your “showdown” music sounds soft and romantic in comparison. lol

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I listened and watched.

There is a chasm between us but I never want you to get the wrong impression so I express it in German.

Es gibt eine Kluft zwischen dir und mir.

Wir werden dieses Problem irgendwann angehen.

Guten Morgen alle zusammen.

I have a new tune for my alarm clock and I want to share it with you fine folks…

Everybody who doesn’t like seems to be a bit racist…

Call me racist. You certainly posted it in the right topic.