Sordo! Ruido!


mi musica en castellano…not for relaxation though :wink:



You win today’s award for most accurately named topic. :slight_smile:


Bbaders know that “freedomrider” stands for exceptionally good yet still 100% politically motivated music just like on the old forum.
So, (mainly for myself to remember), I keep equipping bbad with the icing of the cake when it comes to tunes.

Lefty: I posted this outstanding Colombian tune on the old forum, but here it is in better quality again.

Righty: …couldn’t be more current. In the European Union, we’ll need some more, MUCH MORE high tension (alta tensione) to produce some painful friction for the bureaucrats. Let em feel it. ALL WILL DANCE one day beautifully and peacefully of course haha, voluntarily or not.

Superb musical choice, I know, I know…


Learn Basque language with freedomrider:
One step - disobedience
and Basque country gains indepence
One step - disobedience
One step - disobedience

Lefty, but still separatist nationalist tune blasting all ears.