So called "Israel" (the zionist state) - a rogue state? Assad responding

Very interesting! Dumbo speaks with reason…

Israel’s reelection of naziyahoo after prosecutors recommended indicting him should end all pretenses about its morality.

I am all for Russian S-400 for Syria for defense.

For defense? You support Russia, Iran and Syria against Israel? What did Israel do to Syria?

You might want to google the Golan Heights.

I have

S-400 is a mere defense system which works wonders on faithless zionist intruders’ aircraft but cannot be used to attack another nation.
The self-proclaimed zionist state of Israel has almost no connection with the Israel of old as portrayed in the bible.
If I give myself the name Canada, it doesn’t necessary mean that I am actually Canada.

Skip S-300 and go for S-400

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Those terrorists shot missiles into Israel’s Golan Heights?

Thanks Danial. I did read Russia has been using these missiles since 2007. Good for them. I’m just surprised you would support them supporting Iran.

I do support any nation in maintaining sovereignity over their airspace and every other matter, too. “Israeli” aircraft have no business over Syrian territory IMHO.

What about the missiles being shot into Israel?

don’t they have their own iron dome air defense?
Which group does shoot missiles into “Israel” from out of Syria?!

Is it not Hezbollah? A terrorist group affiliated with Iran, operating out of Syria? Is it wrong of Israel to be aggressive against them just because they are in Syria?

AFAIK, Hezbollah is a political party operating from out of another country, Lebanon.

So who is shooting missiles into Israel from Syria?

Nevermind I’ll google it later.

So Hamas and Hezbollah are the same to me. Both are terrorists. I’m sure you can school me on the difference.

Why is Israel attacking Iranians in Syria if its Hamas shooting missiles into Israel?

I have tried to make this point constantly over the decades. It seems to me that some get it instantly and those who don’t never do.

Yes I know. The Bible tells me so. But…

It doesn’t matter who they are. According to the Bible, they are observant of the Laws and apparently obedient. The Bible says to pray for Israel.
The Bible says, cursed is the one who curses Israel and blessed is the one who blesses Israel. I’m never going to curse Israel just because the people don’t have Israeli blood running through their veins.
No matter what you say or what they do, I cannot and will not chance that view. If you trusted God at all, you would know that He will deal with it in His own good time.
Now tell me, what does that have to do with fighting at the Golan Heights?
Of course, I don’t “get it” so perhaps you should give me what, let’s say 14 hours in silence to think about it.

Dude, WE are Israel. Israel is to be a holy nation, not a secular state. If anything then the torah-obeying jews of Judea are Judah, a part of Israel-the nation.

I am sorry to cause split and discord here. I’ll stay more neutral on this in future. It will all be clarified at the end, so my opinion isn’t of use.

Yet, still, the SECULAR zionist state cannot be Israel. “Israel” is to be a kingdom ruled by a priest king, loved and admired by its neighbours, a light to the nations until the heavenly Jerusalem will come from the sky.
The actual zionist state has almost nothing of this. They don’t have the traits.
No kingdom
No temple
Not loved by neighbours
No Aaronite nor Melchiseddek priesthood
No priest king
No heavenly king