Saw this in a pub in the outback near Broken Hill. There was a donkey in the bar and it was where they had filmed Mad Max. Special sorta place :grin:

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Why are you in this unpleasant looking town?

Don’t you like the amenities Reg?

You know, I am 53 and hope to do many things yet in life, but if God/Allah/Buddha told me that I had to spend the rest of my life in that town, I would almost certainly opt for an early exit.

Dear Lord, if it be your will, let Reg settle in this godforsaken place. Amen.

Now, now. I admit I’m shopping for places to move to but let’s not be wishing this Aussie town on me. I actually quite like the look of Sydney, though.

We did training at a hospital near there, which was where they also filmed Priscilla Queen of the desert … We had to fly in on a plane that was too small for comfort. The airport only accepts cash and we were nearly lynched because we won the pub quiz.
You would love Sydney, I’ve been to a city or two and am yet to find one that beats the beauty of Sydney harbour and the surrounding area.