I bought a couple of smartphones the other day. One for me and one for Isa. I took a look at the latest/greatest and was totally underwhelmed. It just seems they’re slapping some totally unnecessary features on them and charging $2000. I decided to buy the Samsung mid-range phone, the A71, which has almost all the features of the flagships for $400.

As usual with phones, it has taken me two full days to set it up the way I want and I’m sure I’ve still forgotten a few things. My first impressions are hugely positive. This is everything I want out of a phone and it’s cheap enough that I won’t bother with a case. It’s not just as good as a flagship, it’s better, at least for me. Being plastic, it’s lighter, and it has face recognition which is a big deal to me as I am lazy and don’t like to enter pins (and many flagships have dropped this feature as Android reworks it). This just fits my world far better than a flagship does. And I saved $3200 ($1600 x 2).

congrats and enjoy

it always makes me chuckle when people bought something and then claim they saved money because they didnt buy something more expensive lol

This is because you are not smart. I did save money by not buying something more expensive.

lol no you spend money on new phones

I needed new phones. Our old phones no longer served their purposes. Once the decision is made to buy something, you almost always have the choice to spend a lot, a little, or something in between. If you don’t choose the first option, you save money.

lol logic of a bigbreasted blonde that buys a couple of new dresses and only 1 pair of shoes… but but i didnt buy 2 pairs!

come the revolution those things i want shall be free
paid for by the things you want
you being those who are not me

I made my purchase during the promotion and got the best product offered (IPhone 12 Pro) for the least amount of money ($250 and my old phone). The window of opportunity for that offer has closed. It was a good deal and for the most part, now that I’m learning the new features, it’s a really good phone and I’m attached to it. I keep it in my hand a lot.