Self loathing Jews in Maine

they must be shining some kind of grow-light on them
how else do you explain everything?

lots of people were responsible for the things i have deleted
cuz i don’t want to make a mockery of north west georgia and those kind of things
i’ll just whistle

here puppy here puppy
good dog

i’ve been informed by my people that i was talking about wildfires
not wildflowers
doesn’t change the fact that they are caused by star wars thingies
gotta luv em

help help
jewish space lasers incinerated my copy of trump’s birth certificate
“georgia” should change its name to “burma”
seeing as how “oklahoma” is already taken

I just renamed Thackerville Burmaville so I would know where it is. I can do that in my little world. Let’s drink to it.

gracie is violent and prolly high on something
space aliens let the air from hubby’s tires
did i leave anything out?

seems gracie bitch slaps those who disappoint
and no one disappoints more than family
learned that trick from dear leader
next up:
a tell all book from gracie’s niece-
too much and nothing at all
on sale where ever religious tracts are sold

i believe predict think
i hope
gracie can’t make bail for the assault on her family member

Bill, your obsessing on her is starting to get seriously creepy. Can’t you go back to obsessing on whatever wording I used in some post?

he’s so lonely. his wife won’t fuck him.

I get that Michele is nutty but it’s just creepy to me to see a man obsess over a woman he’s never met like this. From the timestamps it looks like he went to bed obsessing on her and then woke up and started obsessing right away. Creepy. Kyaela said he did stuff like that to her, too. I don’t think he’s dangerous but it’s not nice to look at.

that is how it starts. it often progresses to more dangerous behavior.

They live at opposite ends of the country and I’ve seen pictures of Michele’s husband on FB. I doubt Bill would want to mess with that guy. I know I wouldn’t. lol.

you have been promoted a level
you are a fucking moron

while i have been commenting on reggie’s words, he has been charting my time stamps
and posting pictures
being a fucking moron doesn’t leave much time for much else

this is your brain
this is your brain on msn zone

You do realize the MSN Gaming Zone closed down 15 years ago, yes? It lasted ten years (1996-2006). BBAD has lasted much longer than the Zone did. lol.

EDIT: The idea of putting up a forum in addition to the chat room was Kyaela’s. I thought forums were stupid but I gave in. lol.

quote you are correct sir unquote
the spirit of the zone will never perish from this earth while people yearn to type without ramification or confirmaton while i bitch slap you oops obsessing don’t call the cops i’m sorry i’ll never do it again again

that again again is borrowed from a country song
my apologies

Not at all but with your imagination you made up and added to the truth.

I’m not violent and no one let the air from hubby’s tires. Perhaps you didn’t absorb what you read.